Your Favorite TikTok Stars Share Their First Viral Video

Your Favorite TikTok Stars Share Their First Viral Video


Going viral can happen overnight. Find out how these five TikTok stars got their head start with their first viral video

You’ll never expect your first viral video. You could be creating makeup videos everyday and suddenly post a random dance video the next—only to find out that the latter has skyrocketed your career to digital stardom. The algorithm is pretty tricky that way, which is why there is no sure fire way to go viral. All you can do is put out great content and bet your lucky stars that any one of your videos will be noticed on social media. 

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Although we can’t formulate a process that guarantees a viral video, we can look back at the ones that pushed our favorite local TikTokers’ content forward. We reached out to six of the top local influencers on the platform and asked them to go down memory lane with us. After which, we were able to find their first viral videos.

Jeanette Ong 

“My first viral video was actually just me sharing something that I always do after buying new clothes and shoes, which is hiding it from my mom with a little help from our helper’s son and partner in crime, Jik Jik. I honestly was just having fun and wanted to share it on my page, so I definitely didn’t expect it to go viral at all. I think it went viral because a lot of people found it relatable and found my partner in crime cute!”

@itsjeanette wag pahuli #shopaholic #shoppingaddict #lifeofashopaholic #reality #mylifebelike ♬ original sound – Jeanette Ong 🇵🇭 – 📸ig: @itsjeanetteong

Kevin Ty

“My first viral video was a video of me biking. It was my 10th video. This was in 2020, during the lockdown, so most of us were looking for ways to entertain ourselves. When I learned how to bike, I took a video just for laughs and it got 100,000 views that night.”


Lol! Nakakahiya.. Pero at least marunong na. 😂

♬ Sunflower – Rex Orange County

Zoie Garcia

“I was shocked that it actually got views because it was just a mini vlog I made on my birthday, including me picking out my outfit! I actually started out on TikTok making dance videos, but then I realized I couldn’t dance. So, I decided to do something I was more passionate about, which is fashion. I started putting more and more effort into my fashion videos, yet the first outfit video I made was just for fun. I didn’t really think too hard about the production or how it would come out, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was the best birthday gift ever.”

@lunarzo getting ready 4 my quarantine birthday bash 🥺 #tiktokfashion #tiktokph #filipino #fyp #maincharacter ♬ Honeypie – JAWNY

Landamme Vivas

“If I remember correctly, my first viral video was me introducing myself; my name, age, favorite color, my zodiac sign, and all. But, the videos that really made an impact [on] everyone [were] POVs of me being a virtual boyfriend. I was just really bored in the house and being single. I missed having video calls with someone special and just sharing those little wins with them. It helped me use the platform to share my thoughts the way I would in a real relationship, and I’m glad that people enjoyed those videos.”


here you go baby

♬ Every Summertime – NIKI


“I started with sharing my knowledge on photography, film, and fashion on TikTok. So basically, tutorials on how to pose, how to take film photos, or make a faux film photo. Whatever I learned from my classes in University of the Philippines Fine Arts, I tried sharing online. Although, I did make my first viral video in a stop motion format. That video style was trending on TikTok, so I decided to make my own—the traditional way.”

@_jeyooo_ Reply to @babes_ni_loganlee stop motion tutorial! #stopmotion #photoshop #fyp #foryouph #tiktokph ♬ original sound – J – jeyooo_ on IG

Lierge Perey

“My first viral videos were celebrity makeup recreations. I remember so many viewers telling me that I look like certain celebrities, so I tried my best to copy some of their makeup looks to see if what they’re saying is true! It was a fun era and I’m thinking of bringing it back to my TikTok. I grew up learning makeup through recreating my mom’s makeup looks, thats why I really enjoyed doing those kinds of videos.”

@pereylierge @realtechniquesofficial @mermaidbeautyph @barrymcosmetics #makeup #majasalvador @majasalvador88 ♬ Vlog Video work Fashionable BGM(847726) – Tsuyoshi_san

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