K-Pop Delusions: Your SEVENTEEN Boyfriend Based on Your Love Language

K-Pop Delusions: Your SEVENTEEN Boyfriend Based on Your Love Language


It’s time to give into your delusions and imagine which of the SEVENTEEN members can be your boyfriend based on your receiving love language

Ever since their latest comeback for SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN, the fans have been riding up the hype train of any content that involves the K-Pop boy group. Perfect examples of this are the several filters and videos that feed into our delusions. It can be the famous swipe game that builds up a storyline or a filter that will give us a random member for a boyfriend match. Either way, being delulu can be fun sometimes—to a point, of course. And because of that, it’s time to find out which SEVENTEEN member suits you best based on your receiving love language. 

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SEVENTEEN as your boyfriend
Photo: S.COUPS (via Instagram)

Physical Touch: Jeonghan and Mingyu

The two are often seen clinging onto the members in random moments and it’s an endearing trait to see since the others naturally accept the gestures from them. Although, it does differ between the two since Mingyu might do it in a cheeky manner, while Jeonghan tends to be more playful and soft sometimes. 

SEVENTEEN Mingyu boyfriend
Photo: MINGYU (via Instagram)

To keep it simple, the boyfriend package from them includes endless cuddles, back hugs, arm-links, and hand-holding in any possible moment—it’s the love language that will make your knees weak.

SEVENTEEN Jeonghan boyfriend
Photo: JEONGHAN (via Instagram)

Words of Affirmation: DK, Seungkwan, and Jun

These three are different in terms of personality, but we found some similarities when it comes to their giving love language. DK is naturally perky and he doesn’t hesitate to support the members—we see that in their GOSE episodes most of the time. For Seungkwan, it’s his unfiltered and unapologetic attitude that made us realize that he’s more confident to vocalize his feelings. Meanwhile, Jun is more on the private side, but he’s such a character when he’s with people he’s comfortable with. 

SEVENTEEN DK boyfriend
Photo: SEOKMIN (via Instagram)
SEVENTEEN Seungkwan boyfriend
Photo: SEUNGKWAN (via Instagram)

To wrap it up, expect a best-friend-to-lovers trope with DK, a playful and sarcastic banter with Seungkwan, and an entertaining and spontaneous relationship with Jun. One thing’s for sure—this love language isn’t for the faint of heart. 

Photo: JUN (via Instagram)

Acts of Service: Joshua, Vernon, and Dino

It’s a known fact that Joshua is a gentleman to anyone and he’s even expressed that he gets misunderstood sometimes. Despite his slightly withdrawn demeanor, he does small yet meaningful gestures like opening doors or walking at the road side of the path. As for the two maknaes of the group, we have seen them help their hyungs in the most discreet way. From preparing meals to following instructions, best believe that Vernon and Dino would be the ones volunteering to help. 

SEVENTEEN Joshua boyfriend
Photo: JOSHUA (via Instagram)
SEVENTEEN Vernon boyfriend
Photo: VERNON (via Instagram)

For their boyfriend package, think of anything that includes the princess treatment because these three will definitely do anything to make their partner feel special. 

SEVENTEEN Dino boyfriend
Photo: DINO (via Instagram)

Quality Time: Woozi, Minghao, and Wonwoo

Imagine a spectrum of introverts when these three come into mind. Woozi, the homebody that never leaves the comfort of his home; Minghao, the lingering presence amidst the chaos; and Wonwoo, the mysterious one with the most boyfriend-like vibe. The similarity between them is that they have a knack for being present despite their introverted nature.

SEVENTEEN Woozi boyfriend
Photo: SEVENTEEN (via Instagram)
SEVENTEEN Minghao boyfriend
Photo: MINGHAO (via Instagram)

And with that, you’ll find them clinging onto their partner in the softest way possible, as well as being their shoulder to lean on if they need one. 

SEVENTEEN Wonwoo boyfriend
Photo: WONWOO (via Instagram)

Gifts: S.Coups and Hoshi

Remember when S.Coups gave Jeonghan a pair of wireless headphones for his birthday? Or the time Hoshi wanted to give back to Joshua when he received something? These two are also known for paying the bill of their fans’ dinner and for continuously donating to their previous schools and several charities.

SEVENTEEN S.Coups boyfriend
Photo: S.COUPS (via Instagram)

They’re not greedy and will be the type to surprise their partner with gifts on a daily basis. Best believe that they will treat their significant other, from dinner to shopping dates, and they definitely will not split the bill with you. 

SEVENTEEN Hoshi boyfriend
Photo: HOSHU (via Instagram)

Featured Image: S.COUPS (via Instagram)

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