Going Waste-Free? Here's Where You Can Get Your Starter Pack!

Going Waste-Free? Here's Where You Can Get Your Starter Pack!


We put together 5 local stores where you can get your first zero-waste kit! There is a major crisis in our country and it’s still being overlooked by many: garbage. With the Philippines ranking 3rd in the most mismanaged plastic wastes in the world, there is an evident problem and we need to act upon it. A lot of people have already started the change by living a zero-waste lifestyle where everything is reused, reduced, and recycled. Like any other lifestyle, going waste-free can be a huge step for anybody. That’s why we prepared a list of brands that will help you gather your first zero-waste kits! Check out the list below for stores where you can grab your first zero-waste items:

Sip PH


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Best known for their burritos, Sip PH specializes in bringing us the reusable utensils for everyday use. Give up single-use straws and grab your first steel straws from Sip PH. Their straws come in two sizes—the classic straw and the milk tea straw.



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Paralúman offers a wide range of reusable products, perfect to start your zero-waste lifestyle with. From utensils and containers to shampoo and conditioner bars—Paralúman will be your one-stop shop for your starter needs in going waste-free.



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Stay waste free even when you’re on-the-go! Offering both steel straws and refillable atomizers, TRVLR PH provides quick zero-waste solutions for travelers. Their products are convenient and completely reusable so you don’t have to worry about traveling anywhere.

Kleen Kanteen

Skip the paper cups and plastic containers by grabbing your own tumbler from Klean Kanteen. Offering a wide selection of insulated cups, find the perfect tumbler suited for your lifestyle. Though it can be a bit of a splurge, Klean Kanteen gives you the best of both with tumblers that can hold both cold and hot drinks in one!



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Reuse, refill and recycle with this local store that offers everything waste-free and organic items. Ritual has a wide range of zero-waste products that encourage people to go green in every way possible. With an array of homegrown products, Ritual doesn’t only help the planet but also support local industries.

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