1, 2, 3…Drink Up To The Holidays With These Convenient Single-Serve Cocktails In A Box

1, 2, 3…Drink Up To The Holidays With These Convenient Single-Serve Cocktails In A Box


Before you even yell: “I need a drink,” Drynk Cocktails is introducing it’s easy-to-serve cocktails in a box just in time for the blur of the holidays.

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“I need a drink.”

Whether you call on the higher beings of faith or pepper in very crisp expletives, no words seem more familiar than the ones exhaled out of frustration or sheer pleasure, especially when it alcohol is involved. However the pendulum of emotions swing, nothing really beats a swig of your favorite cocktail and drinking to the blur of the holiday season no less. And more often than not, you want that perfectly mixed, glass of bartender-grade social lubricant immediately, but with no liquor in plain sight. (Don’t even get us started on the effort and time it can take to get to your favorite watering hole, because that’s a whole other story in itself.)

With a keen eye for business, as well as of developing unique concepts to fill specific voids in the market, Milka Romero is serving up a unique way to enjoy that splash of cocktail that you can take anywhere. Deceptively simple and unassuming from the surface, Drynk Cocktails is a good time in a box, featuring perfectly mixed drinks by award-winning bartenders. Sealed off in a food-grade pouch, the single-serve classics are housed in black biodegradable boxes with a peep of what to expect through the cut-out glass.

For as long as it is stashed safely and properly in room-temperature or chilled spaces, you can easily whip out your choice of the moment, shake the box, tear off the box and plastic, pour into a glass with ice, and voila, you have an instant cocktail right then and there—no waiting at the bar necessary.

With convenience as its currency, you can easily entertain guests at home, impress at the hotel, or simply just kick your feet up and enjoy the sun at the beach with a few boxes of Drynk Cocktails. Using only the best international liquors and flavors, you can take your pick with ease from an Old-Fashioned, Margarita, Negroni, Vodka Martini, and Amaretto Sour. The only thing left to do is to sip in a careful, steady-pace and you’re good to go. Suddenly, exasperating “I need a drink” never looked so damn easy.

You can shop Drynk Cocktails now at their website. Fully customizable, their mixes and boxes are a nifty idea for weddings, hotel mini-bars, as well as event and brand giveaways. For more information, contact [email protected] and arrange a minimum order of 100 boxes with a two week lead time.

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