10 Influencers Who Are Taking Over Halloween With Their Beauty Transformations

10 Influencers Who Are Taking Over Halloween With Their Beauty Transformations


Meet 10 promising beauty influencers and marvel at their creative and witty Halloween beauty transformations.

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On Halloween, there is a big spotlight on the beauty community. The spooky celebration is an opportunity for many budding artists to showcase their talent online. To justify this, we’re sure your feed has been filled with Halloween make-up transformations and the like. Now that it’s the big day, it’s time to give credit to where credit is due. Let’s show some love to the wonderful creatives who are honing their craft to the best of their abilities. Here are the Top 10 Halloween beauty transformations from your favorite budding influencers. Happy Halloween, everybody!

Emman Magpantay as Gogo Yaburi
Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill was and still is truly iconic. In the movie, everyone had their eyes on a very disturbed blood thirsty school girl named, Gogo Yaburi. Emman got Gogo’s make-up with matching fake eye blood down to the T! How does one keep eyelashes that fresh while crying tears of blood? Only Emman knows.

Cass Peralta as Carrie White
Whether it was the 1976 film or the 2013 remake, Carrie is still a Halloween horror movie staple. Cass Peralta’s interpretation of Carrie White through the dripping blood and the surprised expression truly makes this look a 10/10.

Christelle Unisa as the Girl From Nowhere
Thai TV series, Girl From Nowhere, is a suspenseful treat in our Netflix library. Christelle Unisa’s take on Chicha Amatayakul is an exaggeration of the Thai school girl’s thirst for exposing the truth and justice. She amps it up by smearing artistically blood-like pigments around her face.

Nikki Bonifacio as a Peacock
Who says you can’t be a peacock for Halloween? Nikki Bonifacio gives us an ethereal peacock costume with intricate feathers and makeup strategically placed around her face. It’s exotic and stunning, just like a real peacock. 

Jayper Palma as The Devil
A sexy devil is all we’re looking for in a Halloween costume–and Jayper Palma was able to deliver. If you’re thinking of pulling this look off, then try softening up the scary look by giving your devil luscious lips.

Kylie Celebre as a Vampire 
We are so used to the mermaid fish net trick, that we weren’t expecting this. Kylie Celebre gets tens, tens, tens across the board for showcasing a new way to wear your fishnet stockings. It’s sexy, sultry, and spooky. We’re guessing this is a modern take on Lady Gaga’s iconic role as The Countess in American Horror Story.
Halloween Beauty, Kylie Celebre
Joshua Cruz with Sugar Skull Face Paint
Mexico is calling Joshua Cruz: They want their sugar skull face paint back, because this look is spot on. The contouring of the face with the contrasting white and red paint brings justice to the sacred Calavera of Dia de Los Muertos.
Halloween Beauty, Joshua Cruz
Raf Juane as Spider Woman
This is the alternate of universe of Spider-Man that we can ride along. Take a look at this superhero transformation from Raf Juane to Gwen Stacy as the Spider Woman. Raf is almost unrecognizable as the overall look came into fruition.
RafWantsYou, Halloween Beauty
Monica Cunanan as a Forest Fairy
Forest fairies or engkantos in Tagalog are popular folklore creatures that can be found in the mountainous provinces of the Philippines. Monica’s take on the classic engkanto is adorned with butterflies, glitter, and whimsical make-up.
Monica Cunanan, Halloween Beauty
CJ Toledo as a Scarecrow
Now, this is a look you could definitely cop for Halloween. CJ Toledo embraces her inner scare crow with a beauty look that is equal parts costume-y and glam. She shows that you can always find a work around when creating spooky looks, so you could still look gorgeous.

Halloween Beauty, CJ Toledo

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