10 Tips to Walking 10,000 Steps A Day and Meeting Your Daily Movement Goals

10 Tips to Walking 10,000 Steps A Day and Meeting Your Daily Movement Goals


Walking 10,000 steps a day is a lot easier than you might expect at first. Here are 10 tips for reaching that daily movement goal

Daily physical activity is a must for everybody to maintain their health, but many people have taken up a specific movement goal to make weight maintenance even more feasible and that’s through walking 10,000 steps a day. Walking that many steps a day is one smart strategy for weight loss, particularly for those coming from a sedentary lifestyle, according to research. Though that number can be intimidating to some, we assure you that it’s a very achievable goal, especially if you are mindful of the choices you make. With that, here are 10 practical tips for meeting that daily movement quota.

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1. Set aside time for brisk walks

To maintain your health and wellness, experts recommend a minimum of 30 minutes of daily moderate exercise. A brisk 30-minute walk slots in nicely with that recommendation, and the average number of steps you can accomplish in that time is 3,000. If you already have a 30-minute daily workout routine, then you can make brisk walks a part of your warm-up or wind-down process.

2. Avoid elevators and escalators

If you set aside time for brisk walks every day, then you’ve already got about 3,000 steps secured. Another great way to inch closer to your 10,000-step goal is to take the stairs rather than the elevator or the escalator. Whether you’re heading up to your office or moving through a mall, make taking the stairs a habit so that your daily movement goals are within reach.

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3. Walk for your lunches

Another way to squeeze in some more steps in your day-to-day is by walking for your lunches instead of ordering takeout. Whether you’re at home craving some grub or at the office during lunch hour, make it a habit to walk to the closest establishment instead of paying extra to get it delivered to you. This way, you can work up an appetite, too.

4. Never arrive at the entrance

It also helps to present an extra challenge for yourself to make walking a must rather than an option. One strategy for this is to never arrive at the entrance, whether you’re driving yourself or being driven. Park or get dropped off further away from your target destination so that you’re forced to walk closer and squeeze in some more steps in between your busy schedule.

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5. Commute by walking

Similarly, if you can walk to a venue rather than being driven there, take that opportunity. A few kilometers is nothing if you’ve got some entertainment to help kill time, like a workout playlist or a podcast playing in the background. Just make sure to plan ahead by considering the weather, the route, your attire, as well as your safety.

6. Meander at the mall

Mall dates are already a staple activity among Filipinos, so why not turn the leisure activity into something doubly productive by walking some more? Instead of going in and out whenever you run your errands, make time to wander a little further than normal. Window shop, people watch, do whatever you can to lengthen your stay. Even better if you’ve already shopped and can carry your bags around like weights. With how large most malls are here, you’re sure to secure a few thousand steps every time you go out to do this.

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7. Go on more grocery runs

Likewise, utilize your errands and turn them into moderate exercise. Instead of doing monthly grocery hauls when you’re low on kitchen supplies, shop only a week’s worth each time you visit your nearest grocery store or market. Even better if you could walk there, and again, meander as much as possible. Even once you’ve picked up everything you need at the store, stroll around some more to meet your daily movement goals.

8. Fill your weekends with nature walks

2024 is reportedly the year for nature walks, like treks and hikes up a mountain. Jump on the trend and make it a weekly habit to make reaching your daily 10,000-step goal more enjoyable and achievable. Take this opportunity as well to get to know your surroundings more and be aware of all the natural sights to see even if you live in the city. And at least this way, you can get some variety when it comes to your walking environments, plus a break from all the polluted air.

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9. Do cozy cardio

Of course, you don’t have to go out each time to get your steps in. Even just walking around your house more can help you get the job done. With that in mind, consider getting a treadmill for your home office, to use as you stand over your desk and type away on your computer. Using a treadmill, even on a low setting, can be an easy way to reach your daily movement goal, and you can do all that while watching some TV, too. Alternatively, walk in place instead of sitting whenever you work from home or watch TV.

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10. Take your dog out for walks, too

Your furry companion needs to walk every day, too. Instead of cutting these walking sessions short or passing the chore off to somebody else in the household, make an effort to walk as much as you can with your pet dog. And if you leave this activity to the end of the day, then you can track precisely how many more steps you need to take to meet your goal and simply walk that much.

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