7 Fun and Refreshing Outdoor Activities to Do this Summer

7 Fun and Refreshing Outdoor Activities to Do this Summer


Summer’s just around the corner. And this time, we’re not shying from the sun. Here are seven ideas to make the most out of the sunny weather while supporting your health and well-being

Regular but moderate sun exposure is absolutely crucial to our health, not just for the vitamin D from sunlight, but for disease prevention and serotonin production as well. That’s why health experts promote getting sufficient midday sunlight every week. Now that the rainy days are behind us, it’s time for us to get ourselves out of our houses and under the sun. Here are some fun and refreshing ways to do just that, but don’t forget to do it safely. This means wearing breathable clothing and supportive shoes, plus bringing a pair of sunglasses, a hat, or a fan to stay cool and comfortable under the heat. Remember to also apply sunscreen every few hours, and to stay hydrated before, during, and after every activity.

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Swim in open waters

Andi Eigenmann surfing under the sun
Photo: ANDI EIGENMANN (via Instagram)

Swimming pools are everywhere, so to give you the extra motivation to maximize a free day, we suggest going a little further by making the trip to open bodies of water near you. There’s nothing quite like leisurely swimming through freshwater lakes or surfing on the sea.

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Read a book at the park

Kendall Jenner reading in the beach
Photo: KENDALL JENNER (via Instagram)

Have a reading goal to accomplish? We suggest getting it done outdoors. Bring a Kindle or borrow a book from the library to the park while the sun is still out to not just promote your intellectual wellness, but also to de-stress among the trees.

Play racket sports

Patricia Henson outdoors
Photo: PATRICIA HENSON (via Instagram)

Padel and pickleball are rapidly growing in popularity nationwide—and for good reason. You can enjoy the support of a growing local fitness community by playing these racket sports in outdoor facilities, like in the pickleball courts at Market! Market! or Manila Padel Club in BGC for padel.

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Complete a race

Bubbles Paraiso holding up a medal
Photo: BUBBLES PARAISO (via Instagram)

Likewise, joining the racing community has holistic benefits to your overall health and well-being. But don’t worry, races don’t just translate to full marathons or highly competitive contests. If you’re just a beginner to running, you can work your way up with daily outdoor runs and try your hand at the shortest race categories first, like 1km or 5km.

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Go on a day hike with friends

Katrice Kierulf and Klea Pineda hiking together
Photo: KATRICE KIERULF (via Instagram)

Living in the Philippines, it would be a crime not to see as much of the natural sights the country’s landscape has to offer. Luckily for us, there are a ton of hiking trails carved out already so you don’t have to brave the wilderness. Even better, many of these hiking destinations make room for other fun activities, like camping and picnicking, so bring your friends along, too.

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Complete a workout session

Gazini Ganados under the sun
Photo: GAZINI GANADOS (via Instagram)

Exercising isn’t just reserved for the gym. Besides doing runs in your neighborhood, you can opt for an outdoor group workout if you’re more of a social butterfly, or do things like step-ups and pull-ups at the playground on your own, for example.

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Bike around the city

Anne Curtis with a bike outdoors
Photo: ANNE CURTIS (via Instagram)

Biking is another great way to spend time outdoors. It’s not just a leisure activity either as you can use a bike for your daily commute if you’re able. And with things like Moovr PH back in BGC and Makati with revamped e-bikes and scooters, we’re presented with even more fun and affordable options to stay active in our daily lives.

Featured Image: SARAH LAHBATI (via Instagram)

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