Here’s A Fashionable Take On The #10YearChallenge

Here’s A Fashionable Take On The #10YearChallenge


Firing up social media right now is none other than the hashtag #10YearChallenge. One post after another, you’ll either see your friend’s version of it or a celebrity you follow. But in all fairness, it’s really quite entertaining to see their glow ups. Some were surprising, some seemed like nothing has changed. Now since we already have the #10YearChallenge of celebrities and five movie characters’ version of it that gave us nothing less of nostalgia, it’s just right to do a fashionable take on the challenge. Here’s the #10YearChallenge on style trends.

Tights to Biker Shorts

Tights were a big hit back then. It’s as if whenever you wear a dress, you have to partner it with tights. But as time has passed and the society—together with fashion—progressed, we started to be confident in our own skin. Keeping thing still sleek yet comfortable, biker shorts is now dominating.

Skull prints to Snake Prints

Fashion undeniably had numerous kinds of prints—from graphic prints, animal skins, geometrical shapes, to skulls. Back in ’09 punk rock fashion was teeming the industry, thanks to Alexander McQueen. But this time, various storied fashion houses and retail giants are showcasing their own take with the snake prints.

Gladiator Sandals to Kitten Heels

Let’s admit it—there was a point in our lives we had (or wanted) gladiator sandals. Even if it’s not that easy to wear, we still put it on simply because it’s perfect for the Philippine climate, plus, it effortlessly makes a subtle statement. But what’s really making a scene in the footwear industry are the kitten heels. All the ladies love it because it can be worn on a business setting or just with a casual ensemble.

Bold Colorful Bangles to Maximalist Fine Jewelry

2009 was a colorful year, so wearing bold colorful bangles was one way to keep up with the trends. But 2019 requires more for all style savants. Opulent diamonds, gold, and precious stones are flaunted upon stacking up your bracelets and bangles.

Across-the-body bags to Micro bags

Across-the-body bags or messenger bags are practical and on point before. Although ten years later, all the bags started downsizing. We began to learn the art of minimalism, only bringing the necessary things in our daily errand—eventually giving birth to the micro bag trend.

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