5 Actresses’ Fictional #10YearChallenge That Will Bring You Nostalgia

5 Actresses’ Fictional #10YearChallenge That Will Bring You Nostalgia


The 10-year challenge has been dominating worldwide trends on every social media platform. While everyone’s busy looking at glow-up photos, we looked for 5 actresses that glowed up on-screen as well.

We’ve already seen our cover stars do the 10-year challenge the MEGA way. As the trend continues to rise on the trending list, it’s only proper to continue with 10-year comparisons that can totally make us feel nostalgic. What better way to spark up nostalgia than by movies and TV series. It’s crazy how different our favorite actresses have become over the course a decade. From the roles they take to their overall look, it’s simply stunning how they managed to be a whole new character. Their growth can definitely inspire us as we look back on actresses’ 5 iconic roles versus 5 of their present projects.


Anne Hathaway
Get Smart (2008) – Ocean’s 8 (2018)

5 Actresses' Fictional #10YearChallenge That Will Baring You Nostalgia Anne Hathaway

From her secret spy role in ‘Get Smart’, Anne Hathaway becomes the victim of espionage in Ocean’s 8. Needless to say, her beauty is unchanging. If anything, the actress continues to glow throughout the years. Portraying two different characters, Hathaway has also shown her versatility as an actress.

Sarah Geronimo
A Very Special Love (2008) – Miss Granny (2018)

5 Actresses' Fictional #10YearChallenge That Will Baring You Nostalgia Sarah Geronimo

It feels like yesterday when pop star princess Sarah Geronimo landed her first lead role in a full-length feature. In ‘A Very Special Love’, she plays the hardworking Laida Magatalas, head over heels for John Lloyd Cruz’s Miggy Montenegro.  Ten years later, She transforms into a young Nova Villa in ‘Miss Granny’, a Filipino adaptation of the 2014 South Korean film of the same title.

Emilia Clarke
Doctors (2009) – Game of Thrones (2019)

5 Actresses' Fictional #10YearChallenge That Will Baring You Nostalgia Emilia Clark

Ten years ago, Emilia Clarke debuted in the series Doctors and today, we’re rooting for her in the hit series, Game of Thrones. It’s almost too impossible to see her without the platinum ‘do. She continues to prove her status and more in the entertainment industry 10 years after her debut.

Natalie Portman
New York, I Love You (2008) – Vox (2018)

5 Actresses' Fictional #10YearChallenge That Will Baring You Nostalgia Natalie Portman

There is something so fascinating about Natalie Portman and the roles she played. At a young age, she debuted on the silver screen as Mathilda, the protege of a hitman in ‘Léon: The Professional’. From that day on, everybody has been on the lookout for the roles she’s about to give life to. From the strictly Orthodox diamond buyer Rifka Malone in ‘New York, I Love You’, she recently portrayed the eccentric diva Celeste in ‘Vox’.

Anne Curtis
Baler (2008) – BuyBust (2018)

5 Actresses' Fictional #10YearChallenge That Will Baring You Nostalgia Anne Curtis Smith

Anne Curtis has definitely grown to become a multifaceted personality. Looking back on 2008, Anne played the role of Feliza Reyes, a native Filipina involved in a star-crossed romance with Celso Resurrección (Jericho Rosales), a mestizo soldier in ‘Baler’. Ten years later, Anne graduates from romance and takes on the action film ‘BuyBust’. Her portrayal of a rookie police officer who’s scarred by the slaughter of her crew in a compromised operation has gained positive response from its audiences and critics.

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