PlayListed: 13 Songs That Will Get You In The Mood For The Rainy Days

PlayListed: 13 Songs That Will Get You In The Mood For The Rainy Days


The rainy days are here and we know just the right songs that will get you in the perfect drizzly mood!
Love it or hate it, the rainy days are here to stay (at least for a few months). It almost seems like summer abruptly left us with cold mornings and lazy nights. What better way to spend rainy days than to jam with songs that will put you in the right mood.
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From sensual tracks to gloomy melodies, we know all the right songs that will make you love—if not, even more—the trickles and drizzles of this season. So put on that cozy sweater or snuggle up to that blanket and listen to these tracks that will get you in that sexy, sad, and sappy mood for the cold weather:

Movie – Tom Misch

Tom Misch just knows the right beats and rhythms to put you in any kind of mood. This time he brings a lush track masked in lo-fi beats and sultry guitar riffs. Get started with this track that will totally calm your senses.

Foolish – Ashanti

Released in the early 2000’s, Ashanti’s tracks are still perfect for today’s rainy days. Jam with melodic piano and soft beats with Ashanti’s smooth vocals. Perfect for the lonely hearts, this song should definitely be in that goodbye summer playlist.

LDR – Curtismith

Our local music scene is also filled with songs that will keep us going through the gloomy weather. Take it from Curtismith, rap can still be paired with the drizzles. So if you’re in the mood for some hip-hop, this might just be the perfect song for you.

Say Yes – Floetry

Another throwback hit, Floetry’s “Say Yes” could be the perfect song to warm you up during cold nights. This sensual track will just get you snuggling up with bae through the night. Now that’s some mood one song can bring you. Time to add this one to your playlist.

Warmth – Janet Jackson

While we’re at it, let Janet Jackson keep the fire burning with seductive melody, rhythm, and vocals. Get that iconic airy tone to keep you warm in cold nights and turn your gloomy mood upside down.

Fanatic – Vivian Green

Keep the throwback going with another early 2000 hit. Vivian Green’s “Fanatic” will fuel up your nights even more with calm rhythm and soulful vocals. Harmonies and just the right lyrics will definitely warm up your nights.

Minimize – B.P. Valenzuela

In collaboration with Nick Lazaro, OPM artist B.P. Valenzuela gives us just the right soft beats and calming harmonies. Experimental yet familiar, B.P. never fails to bring the right music to chill with. So if you need a homegrown track on your queue, this one’s for you.

You Are My Sunshine – Moira Dela Torre

More than the “hugot” songs, Moira Dela Torre also has songs that could be so vague, it might just make you cry. It could be the power of her vocals plus the acoustics that will swell up your emotions. So if you need a little reminder of the past and a tearful cup of tea, “You Are My Sunshine” should definitely be in your playlist.

Focus – Sigrid

Sigrid’s thick vocals and the piano acoustics will keep the sappy mood going. The lyrics are so on-point, they might just be what you’re looking for. It’s just the perfect “watching the rain by the window” song for your senti days.

Instagram – Dean

Feeling lonely as you scroll through your IG feed? Stalking an ex perhaps? If your answer is “yes”, this is the ultimate rainy day song for you. From pianos to guitars, let Korean R&B singer Dean keep you company through the rain.

Through The Night – IU

This song can take you back to the happiest and saddest days from the past. Spend rainy days looking back at good old days while this track plays in the background. Korean singer-songwriter IU will do all the work with her effortlessly smooth vocals.

The Good Side – Troye Sivan

One of Troye Sivan’s new tracks, “The Good Side” is the breakup song we all need. If you’re already in that melancholic mood, this song will keep that going. Listen carefully to the lyrics as you enjoy Troye’s melodic verses and tell me you didn’t cry.

Goodbye Summer – f(x) (feat. D.O. of EXO)

Going back to 2013, this f(x) song will never get old. Saying goodbye to a summer love affair can be pretty hard but some things are just not meant to be. Let Amber, Krystal, and Luna of South Korean girl group f(x) sing to you, with EXO member D.O. joining them on track to complete the ultimate “goodbye summer” formula.

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