15 Halloween Costumes Ideas For The Spooky Season Ahead

15 Halloween Costumes Ideas For The Spooky Season Ahead


It’s that time of the year again when all the Halloween enthusiasts are bringing their most clever outfits for a night of fun, games, and trick-or-treats!

Nobody wants to look boring and outdated when they attend a Halloween event, so now that the spooky szn is just around the corner and you have yet to decide what you want to be for your upcoming Halloween party, then let this be your guide to dressing up as your favorite pop culture reference this 2019.

Here are 15 halloween costume ideas:

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1. Money Heist

The hype for the Spanish series, La Casa De Papel or Money Heist emerged in the latter part of 2019 after the series hit Netflix. The iconic red jumpsuit and Salvador Dali mask are pretty easy to cop, so we won’t be surprised if there will be plenty of Money Heist costumes at your Halloween party.

2. Maleficent

Let’s face it: no one can do it better than Angelina Jolie… But you can try. Her character as Maleficent in the latest installment of the Disney live-action movie, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, served pretty badass looks.

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3. IT Chapter 2

With the release of the second IT movie last September, we’re expecting to see a lot of people dressing up as The Losers Club or Pennywise.

4. Joker

1. Red blazer dress by Stradivarius 2. Green Long-sleeved blouse by H&M, 3. Textured weave vest by Zara, 4. Classic oxford shoes by Doc Martens

Dubbed as one of the best movies in 2019, Joker will ultimately be the most sought after Halloween costume this year. Have you practiced your best Joker laugh yet?

5. The Politician

1. ‘Swirl’ Intarsia Wool Sweater by Paul Smith, 2. Colourful tropical print scarf by Pull & Bear, 3. Slouchy trousers by Bershka 4. D’Lites – Fresh Start by Skechers, 5. 3-pack rings by H&M

While there are a lot of fashionable looks served in The Politician, there’s no mistaking Infinity Jackson’s character for her colorf. Here are signature pieces that can transform your look into Zoey Deutch’s character in The Politician.

6. Ashley O

1. Twist hem crop top by Forever 21 2. Leather knee-high boots by H&M 3. Sequin biker shorts by Forever 21

The latest season of Black Mirror introduced Miley Cyrus’ character, Ashley O; the pop sensation with the iconic purple hair and white latex outfit.

7. Scoops Ahoy Employee

Donning a sailor-themed uniform, Robin of Stranger Things first appeared in Season 3 as Steve’s co-worker at the ice cream parlor in Starcourt Mall.

8. Captain Marvel

There’s nothing more empowering than repping Captain Marvel’s suit. She’s only the most powerful Avenger, after all.

9. The Addams Family

The women in The Addams Family wear dramatically gothic wardrobe and it’s perfect for the Halloween season. Channel your inner matriarch as you dress up as Morticia Addams, the real head of the Addams Family

10. Euphoria

1. Stone Embellished Fishnet Top by Paco Rabanne 2. Faux-Fur Stole by Ralph Lauren 4. Long sparkly stone earrings by H&M, 5. Texture Stililetto Heels by Charles & Keith

Maddy from the HBO series Euphoria is a true fashion icon who isn’t afraid to wear bold looks. From her rhinestone-studded makeup looks to her sheer, skin-tight, crystal embellished outfits, this is a look you should go for if you want to look sultry and daring for the Halloween.

11. Elton John

Halloween is the time where you can go all out. What better way to do that than channel Elton John in your look?

12. Us

1. Utility Pockets Long Sleeve Jumpsuit by Something Borrowed, 2. Faux Leather Gloves with Mini Studs by Zara 3. Concrete Heel Ankle Boots by Calvin and Keith

Lupita N’yong O’s chilling performance in Jordan Peele’s movie is something unforgettable and it’s easy to recreate the look.

13. Mera (Aquaman)

Redheads, am I right? Another hero who’s as powerful as she is stunning is Mera from Aquaman. With her mere striking red hair and emerald suit, it can get anyone turning heads in awe.

14 and 15. Katy Perry and Taylor Swift

Grab your BFF and rock Katy Perry and Taylor Swift’s costume in T. Swift’s latest music video, You Need To Calm Down. Truly a revolutionary moment in pop culture history as two iconic pop stars end their feud in the most adorable way possible.





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