3 Cocktails You Can Try After A Long Day Of Work

3 Cocktails You Can Try After A Long Day Of Work


A hard day’s work needs some rewarding! Here are 3 cocktails you can try to cap off your day.

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Have things been getting a bit overwhelming at the office? After a long day, it would be great to unwind and relax with a glass of cocktail. Whether you plan to go out with friends or prefer having one at home, here’s three cocktails you can consider.

Tanqueray and Tonic
Want a refreshing gin based drink that’s easy to make and enjoy? You can try the Tanqueray and Tonic at home by mixing a bit of Tanqueray gin and tonic water with a bit of lime juice. If you want to enjoy your T&Ts in a different setting, visit Palacio de Memoria for Tanqueray Terrance where they serve a variety of Tanqueray based drinks.

Luisita Rum’s Tikling
Try a drink that’s close to home. Luisita Rum’s Tikling is a cocktail made by their brand ambassador, Mari Montenegro. It was served at One Bonifacio’s Sunae Asian Cantina as one of the three drinks during their Luisita Rum Masterclass. You can still avail a variety of rum based drinks at the restaurant.

Corona Sunrise
Who would’ve thought that you could substitute tequila for a bottle of Corona? Instead of the beloved tropical cocktail, you can have a different rendition using the same ingredients except with Corona as a your base drink. You can make this at home easily if you’re planning to have friends over for dinner and some drinks.

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