3 Effective Ways To Lengthen Those Asian Lashes Instantly

3 Effective Ways To Lengthen Those Asian Lashes Instantly


Want to spice up your lash game instantly? We’ve found 3 quick fix solutions for longer lashes that are perfect for your Asian eyes.

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Asian eyelashes are just different. It’s a fact. In a comparative study conducted in 2006, eight doctors were able to concur that Asians generally have lower lift-up and curl-up angles for their lashes. Aside from this, it’s also been revealed that Asians have fewer numbers in lashes and a thicker transverse diameter. So, if you were ever wondering why wonder mascaras and lash lifts don’t have the same effect on you as it does to Caucasian influencers on social media, then now you know why.

The Philippines is a melting pot of races and ethnicities, but at the end of the day it still is an Asian country with citizens who have predominantly Asian features. Don’t worry—that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the eyelashes of your dreams. You can try these three instant ways to get longer lashes.

Get lash extensions
Eyelash extensions have been around for quite some time now and is arguably the quickest ways to have long lasting eyelashes. Some of you may be wary about trying this out, but lash technology has improved over the years especially in new aesthetic lounges like The Secret Lounge. Their clinics in BGC and Parañaque even offer eyelash warranties for their clients.

Wear magnetic lashes
There are so many different ways to wear magnetic eyelashes nowadays. You can use the magnetic eyeliner of Luxx Lash or their clip on lashes. As the pioneers of magnetic lashes in the Philippines, they’ve found ways to really up the ante in the magnetic lash game. You can check out their variety of lashes that’s easy to put on and take off through their website and socials.

You can find Luxx Lash on their website, Shopee, and Lazadaa to purchase the latest pairs of lashes.

Semi-permanent falsies
This one is a new contender in the eyelash lengthening community. Lash Stash offers semi-permanent falsies that are very easy to put on. You place a tacky treatment below your lashes and latch your favorite falsies in place. The lashes will stay in place for 5 days maximum. You can reapply them after they’ve fallen off, but you’ll have to clean it up first. Sustainable and effective!

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