3 Major Reasons to Eat Healthier, Not Just Less

3 Major Reasons to Eat Healthier, Not Just Less


Go beyond short-term goals and choose nutrition. Here are three reasons to convince you to eat healthier instead of following restrictive fad diets

Is your New Year’s resolution to lose weight for no other reason than to get into shape? It’s as good a reason as any if doing so would boost your confidence, but be careful not to fall into the trap of restrictive fad diets. While many people would rather get quick results, it’s important to understand that eating healthily with some daily exercise is enough to reach that goal. Don’t believe us? To help get you started on healthier living, we’ve boiled down three major reasons why it’s best to eat sufficiently and healthily over ignoring your body’s hunger cues.

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For mind-body nourishment

Basket of healthy food

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Remember: food is fuel. The main reason why you should eat healthily is to provide your mind and body with the nutrients they need to function optimally. By eating a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats, and whole grains, you are supporting your overall health—from your liver health to your mental well-being. On that note, consider how a severely limited calorie intake can worsen your mood and impair your performance, versus how eating sufficiently and healthily every day leads to the opposite.

Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian Jo Sebastian also told us in an interview that she always recommends others focus on what they can add to their diet first rather than what they have to remove. For example, adding more fiber to your diet can promote the weight loss you want since doing so keeps hunger and blood sugar levels in check. Similarly, protein complements weight loss goals since it helps you feel full and satisfied for a longer time.

For long-term benefits you can sustain

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Another key reason to prioritize healthy eating over restrictive dieting is the sustainability and long-term benefits doing so offers. Restrictive diets often involve strict limitations that could be difficult to maintain in the long run, resulting in a cycle of frustration and weight fluctuations. On the other hand, healthy eating focuses on moderation and a balanced approach that allows you to enjoy a wide variety of foods. By adopting this eating pattern, you are more likely to achieve and maintain a healthy weight and improve your overall quality of life. This same approach is what the Mediterranean diet is all about, and it’s one that researchers promote for public health due to its observed beneficial effects on metabolic disease, cardiovascular disease, and cancer risk.

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For a healthier relationship with food

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Lastly, a sustainable and good-quality diet leads to a healthier and more positive relationship with food. Restrictive dieting often breeds a negative mindset around food, wherein you label certain foods as “good” and foster feelings of guilt and shame when you eat “bad” food. This can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food, whereas eating sufficiently and healthily encourages a flexible approach. A flexible approach is characterized by a more intuitive eating pattern wherein you listen to your body’s hunger and fullness cues and can comfortably eat a wide range of food.

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Healthy eating

Getting to this point takes time, but remember that choosing to eat sufficiently and healthily is the better choice for your health and wellness in the long run. A medical professional can further help you in determining what’s healthy and a sufficient amount of food for your body. But for now, focus on nourishing your body rather than restricting it so you can support your physical and mental health, reap long-term benefits, and enjoy a more positive relationship with food. Remember, a healthy lifestyle is all about sustainability and balance.

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