3 Running Clubs to Join This Summer for Gen Zs

3 Running Clubs to Join This Summer for Gen Zs


A strong running habit can be born out of community and shared passion. Aside from the healthy benefits, for Gen Zs, running with other people may make the activity more worthwhile than you think. 

An entire universe of accessory benefits await you within a running group—from holding you accountable to a schedule and your commitment, fostering deep relationships with those beyond formal social circles (and beyond school or the workplace), and providing you with something to look forward to in the week are just a few examples. It’s a good approach to break old habits and introduce new ones, and the act of running collectively gives us a bit more room for social good whilst shifting towards a healthier lifestyle. While it works wonders for clearing your mind and amping up your health, running with other people is a safe space—and you’re all vying towards the same goal of completing a track. Plus, as Gen Z is the most social generation even in the digital age, also dubbed ‘Generation Active’, we’re geared toward a sport that focuses more on the experience than the score—AKA running. That said, the Philippine running community is as supportive as they come, and if you’re in search for one, these are good places to start.

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EZ Run Club

This community hosts large runs in 5KM, 8KM, and 12KM distances on Sunday mornings, and hosts guided speed sessions on Thursday mornings. They’re ‘open to all paces and faces’, and all you have to do is show up. Weekly, they meet up at either 1C Coffee in Kapitolyo at 6:00 AM, or at Arcovia City, Pasig at 5:00 AM. If you want to take a step first into the activity before being introduced to the community, they are also open to a free online consultation with a coach for thirty minutes about personal run programs.

EZ Run Club is a community that builds itself on inclusivity and smiles all around—’one run at a time’
Gen Z Top Tip:

Shaping a culture where fitness is a social media mainstay, Gen Z has a different relationship with sport and fitness when compared with other generations, but running is the activity most Gen Zs participate in. This is due to technology inspiring us to be more active than millennials—having easier access to running communities on social media and keeping track of vital statistics via Apple Watch and other apps are definitely a motivation to keep active via running. Stay connected online with your running communities and keep track of your steps together!

Red Light Run Club

This Poblacion-based community has a full set of programs lined up for the beginner or the passionate runner—a 13KM long slow distance method running, a monthly trail adventure, and a range of community engagements. Every week, there’s a run to look forward to and people to carve a route through BGC, across Mckinley Parkway, and back around to Makati up through Poblacion with. Tune in to their Telegram channel for schedules and get involved.

There’s no greater sense of community than when people with shared passion are involved. Red Light Run Club regularly hosts these types of challenges and initiatives within their support group
Gen Z Top Tip:

A key part of Gen Z staying more active than other generations is the desire for community in the recreational and fitness pursuits—which is, again, running with other people. A number one reason for exercising with others is social connection, and studies show that Gen Zs feel more motivated by friends or family who exercise as well. Pull your family members or friends for a weekend run now that you have more time this summer!

RWP Run Club

Triathlete and running coach Patrick Rubin established this team in the hopes of making running a continuing force for social good and support. Inclusive, gradually growing, and well-trained with other coaches in their roster, they organize community runs and time trials, long slow distance method running, easy runs with crossfit training, and other communal challenges. Their running schedule is updated via their Facebook group, so meet and virtually interact with other passionate runners and explore routes around the metro with a new community.

The RWP Run Club wants runners to inspire other runners—by social interaction and mutual commitment to the activity
Gen Z Top Tip:

Even in the digital age, this is the generation that is the most social, more likely than millennials to work out with another person because of the desire for community. Exercise and connection is a central value for Gen Z; we may be able to socialize at home using technology, but sport is also proving to develop essential social skills. So whether you’re looking to pick up a new healthy hobby with your current friends or in the market for new friends to run with, running groups are the way to go for our generation.

Photos and Featured Image: EZ RUN CLUB, RED LIGHT RUN CLUB, RWP RUN CLUB (Via Instagram)

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