Why Sign Up for a Dance Class Even with No Experience, as Told by Trisha Martin

Why Sign Up for a Dance Class Even with No Experience, as Told by Trisha Martin


The human body is hardwired for dance—which is why it’s good for our health and happiness. If that’s not convincing enough, MEGA Style talks to professional dancer Trisha Martin about why you should finally register for that dance class.

Like any creative pursuit, dance is a language in its own right. Our bodies are made to move and to touch, and our souls are made to connect—whether with people, with an audience, with the music, or just with our own physical forms. More than just a form of entertainment, dance is a combination of different activities such as listening, moving, balancing—that not only nourishes our creative spirits, but also helps us get in touch with our feelings and emotions. Some would even say that dancing is an elixir for the body, mind, and heart. Dancer and choreographer Trisha Martin gives us three reasons why to sign up for that class you’ve been eyeing.

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It’s a way of having fun and being active at the same time

“Coming from the pandemic wherein we were all sedentary and focused on our phones and laptops, entering the dance scene can be a good start for a workout to everyone,” Trisha tells MEGA Style. “Intermediate, basic, or advance—the skill level does not matter. It allows us to move freely and express our feelings into an art form.”

Trisha Martin is a known name in the local dance scene—her choreography recently went viral, celebrities such as BINI Sheena adding their own touch to it

Dance classes are indeed a way to promote physical fitness; it improves cardiovascular function, builds core strength and balance, stretches the limbs of your body and makes it more flexible, kills calories, and maintains bone density. There’s an endless supply of dance moves and combinations you can do, so the exercise is never repetitive or boring. Coming in the studio fresh, you won’t be coming back out without sweat—and a smile. “People that I meet are usually first-timers in a class,” Trisha shares. “And then it doesn’t become their last because they actually enjoy and are staying active at the same time.”


Trisha generally recommends eating at least an hour or thirty minutes before your class! Pre-dance nutrition is essential to secure the energy, focus, and strength required from your body during the dancing. “But this also depends on each person—how fast their metabolism is,” she says. “Just listen to your body.” 

Get a confidence boost

While dancing solidifies your body-soul connection, it also boosts your confidence and brain functioning. This is a break from everyday stressors and a way to reduce mental tension as you are releasing happy endorphins in your brain. You don’t have time to ruminate while you dance and engage in negative self-talk and negative introspection, but rather, your focus is shifted to memory improvement because dancing forces you to recall steps, patterns, and elaborate routines. While it’s a mental workout, you’re also gaining more trust and belief in yourself to move the way you want to. Trisha tells MEGA, “It’s you allowing yourself to accept any movement. It boils down to loving your body and accepting your body, which really, at its core, builds your confidence in and out of the studio. I love dance because I love inspiring other people to love their bodies, too.” Plus, again, the body is naturally wired to move. Even those who claim to have ‘no ear for music’ or ‘two left feet’ have a desire for self-expression, just waiting in the wings for a chance to jump out.


Love this dance by @Perry the platypus!

♬ original sound – ym1oo1

Wear something loose and breathable to avoid wardrobe malfunctions and to move freely! For Trisha’s classes, here’s her recommendation: “If the dance has flooring, wear knee pads or pants to protect your knees. But ultimately, I want my students to wear anything that makes them comfortable and confident. Anything that makes them feel beautiful!”

Dancing is a social activity

As first-timers, joining the dance community can be daunting, but that’s exactly why it’s a community—you’re not alone! You could be standing next to a first-timer, too, or learning from someone who has years of training under their belt, but the bottom line is that there’s no requirement to join—everyone is welcome. Trisha shares, “Having a good environment or a set of friends come in with you to the studio can be a way to lessen your anxiety. It’s the Filipino culture anyway: if you go, I go. I’ve had a lot of students who are friends come in—some people stay, some people leave as time goes by, but it’s a good support system especially for beginners. If not, that’s okay. You still have people dancing with you and enjoying the music and the moves regardless. It’s the culture.”


@Trisha Martin x @BINI PH showing how it’s done! 🥵 MAAAD ENERGY🔥 #ZEROStudio #ZEROoffdays #Dance #lagabogdancechallenge

♬ original sound – daLe – daLe

As a professional dancer and choreographer herself, Trisha tells MEGA Style that the part she loves the most about dancing is the relationships she creates with her students and co-teachers. “I think it’s precious that dancing doesn’t stop,” she says. “It’s continuous—the flow and art of it. There are people who became my best friends and my mentors because of dance, because it’s always been there. I’m grateful for it and I will be forever.”


This is Dancehall 🫶🏼 hittin’ this with my bestie! @Jm Yrreverre DC by @Kopiko_black

♬ original sound – Kopiko_black – Kopiko_black

Trisha says that a good preparation before the class is to prepare mentally. “Allow yourselves to be ready for the new pieces of information you will learn,” she says. As for warming up and exercises, don’t worry about it: “We do the warm-up and stretching in the class before we teach the actual choreography or drills. So just bring yourselves!,” she explains further. 

Her final advice is this—it’s hard to take the first step. So with that, start with the easiest way to take that first step. “You can dance a TikTok dance alone in your room first,” Trisha suggests. “Or play your music and move, or be inspired by just watching several dance videos. Take it one at a time until you can step into the studio.”

Photos and Featured Image: TRISHA MARTIN (Via Instagram)

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