3 Sartorial Lessons From Camille Co and Laureen Uy’s NYFW Fits

3 Sartorial Lessons From Camille Co and Laureen Uy’s NYFW Fits


We’re sitting at the front row as the Skittle Sisters show us how New York Fashion Week is done with pops of color, texture, and style.

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The monochromatic nude agenda has been going on for a while now and all for the good reasons—practicability, straightforwardness, and ease. It is the base that starts it all, the foundation of your next move—just like in makeup. Let’s face it, though—simplicity is good, but sometimes to a fault. Next thing you know, it has transformed into a habit that no longer brings you outside your comfort zone.

Well, worry not. Seasoned bloggers-turned-vloggers and fashion mavens Camille Co and Laureen Uy are teaching us some tips and tricks on how to spice up our clothing choices.

Straight from their New York Fashion Week fits, here are some pointers from the Skittle Sisters.

Color your closet.

If you are a fan of these two, you would know that besides each other, color is indeed their best friend. While Laureen has found her niche in neon, Camille varies her shading technique with popping statements pieces.

The first step in adding color to your wardrobe is to know the basics of the color theory. Feeling a little scared to jump into different hues? Start by keeping it monochromatic—stick to one general color, then experiment with the shades, just like Laureen’s Britney sweater plus blazer combo. You might also want to play around with the texture of your pieces, so they’re giving off a same, same, but different feel. Take some notes from Camille’s orange-ment (orange arrangement) and yellow moment.

If you are ready for the next level, you can now add one or more colors to your ensemble. Why not try some analogous or complementary schemes (aka color blocking)? An analogous color play is staying within the adjacent hues—take Laureen’s cool-toned zebra look and Camille’s blazer situation. FYI: green and blue are color wheel neighbors.

Meanwhile, juxtaposing complementary shades such as Camille’s pink and green Louis Vuitton number creates a contrast that still matches.

Photo Credit: @0823n, @samyck, @itscamilleco (Instagram)

Change it up.

Case in point—Laureen and Camille’s outfits for the COACH fashion show. Experiment with different styles by starting off with a solid base. From there, you can incorporate details from other styles to add more flavor to your sartorial palette. Laureen mixed a little bit of grunge, rock, and cottagecore with her look. On the other hand, Camille kept the grunge effect but added some street style and preppy vibe—we’re declaring it a chic coven ensemble.

Photo Credit: @nyfw on Instagram

Charm with geometry.

Last and definitely not the least, shapes and silhouettes. These two concepts make a lot of difference in curating not just pieces that go well together, but also how articles of clothing fit our bodies. Create balance by incorporating the basic trio of shapes in fashion—circle, square, and triangle. Good thing, Laureen did her geometry homework by pairing her swirled-sweetheart tube top with a more structured Prada mini bag.

Camille similarly takes on the geometry game by matching flowy pieces that also incorporate the trio of shapes. The top exhibits the square and the triangle silhouettes, while her flared pants marry angles and curves together.

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