3 Ways To Wear Your Bangs This Season

3 Ways To Wear Your Bangs This Season


According to the country’s top hairstylists, it looks like the fringe isn’t going anywhere soon. This season’s bangs offer more than the usual benefits–here’s how to wear them:

1. The French Fringe

The French look is a little mussed up, a little grown in. The style requires a heavy set of fringe that is delicately but perfectly snipped. Don’t do as the French girls claim they do and clip your fringe on your own. Like many things that are supposedly effortless, this one requires the services of a professional and a bit of practice with product. For the pro, visit Henri Calayag of Henri Calayag Salon and request for the Jane Birkin. To keep the bangs looking perfectly imperfect, use a product that adds texture, such as a salt spray or a dry shampoo.

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2. Micro Bangs

What used to be a beauty no-no (or a newbie mistake after one too many pre-mixed margaritas) is now hot–so hot that it’s still a thing after magazines and It Girls everywhere declared it hot. For baby bangs to work on a full grown woman, it has to be worn and styled with utter confidence. If your bangs need some taming, blow dry or iron still-damp tendrils straight. Skip the product so they don’t get weighed down.

3. Non-Committal Layers

Bangs for those who sometimes want it, sometimes don’t. Again, with the help of a stylist–try Jude Hipolito of JuRo Salon Exclusif–to get long bangs that were meant to be parted in the middle or the side. Instead of a blunt line, this cut tapers downward, hugging the sides of the face. Straight- or slightly wavy-haired commitment-phobes can pull this off with a simple blow dry, but for those with curls and cowlicks, try a curling tool to emphasize the texture and movement of the cut.

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