Lesser Known Facts About Cellulite

Lesser Known Facts About Cellulite


Practically everyone considers dimples on the face adorable, but when they’re spotted elsewhere on the body, a sense of panic starts to arise. Cellulite, or the pushing of fat deposits that distort the connective tissues beneath the skin, isn’t exactly a welcome visitor. So why did women grow to despise it so much?

“As of the moment, experts don’t really know the exact reasons why cellulite develops, only theories to the factors that affect this growth,” says Dr. Regie E. Layug, a Family Medicine Doctor from Marie France. “This could be one possible reason why people get surprised or anxious when they suddenly see it. That, plus the fact that society has made people more conscious of it.”

While it is easier to simply accept the way our bodies were built, some of us still prefer the look of our skin without it. Here are some things to take into consideration:

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Lesser Known Facts About Cellulite

1. It can start early

While many people still assume that cellulite is a problem only middle-aged women face, it should be a concern for someone in their 20s as well, as it can start to form after puberty ends. “Cellulite is not their in an instant. It develops gradually over a period of time until it becomes visible,” says Dr. Layug. Unfortunately, it is more present in women than in men, and this is because their connective tissues are built.

2. Living a healthy lifestyle is the best solution

So what are some ways a person can take preventive measures at home before having to visit a doctor? Dr. Layug says that it is simple: live a healthy lifestyle. “That’s the best way of prevention I can think of. Some books also recommend a detoxification diet to prevent the further development of cellulite,” he shares. To put it simply, a detox diet means less caffeine, alcohol, sugar and fats, and a lot more water, fruits and vegetables. In addition to this, exercise also helps, softening the skin to keep it looking healthy.

3. There are treatments to lessen its appearance

Whether you’ve been dealing with cellulite for years of have just gotten acquainted with it, Marie France offers their VelaContour treatment, which reduces cellulite and contours the body. It is a 30-45-minute non-surgical session that makes use of machines that combine infrared light and bi-polar radio frequency to safely smoothen the skin. “Cellulite is very difficult to treat on its own. What Vela does is that it combined around four modalities in order to improve the condition of skin with cellulite,” says Dr. Layug, saying that patients claim to see results after five sessions.

A fair warning for those of you who are considering undergoing the VelaContour treatment: “Some patients tend to get nervous after 1-2 sessions because they think their cellulite is getting worse,” says Dr. Layug, adding, “You have to realize that before the cellulite is actually gone, you have to destroy the connective tissues. Before that, however, you have to remove the fat underneath it as well, which is exactly what our machines were designed to do. A few weeks after you will surely see the appearance of cellulite diminish.”

4. However, one cannot simply depend on these treatments

One cannot simply depend on treatments such as these to get rid of cellulite. As stated earlier, you have to do your own part as well. Dr. Layug has a few parting words: “The thing with Vela is that you need to have a maintenance program with it. You need to live a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent it from recurring or getting worse.”

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