4 Trends We Spotted In This Bridal Collection

4 Trends We Spotted In This Bridal Collection


From intricate brocades to whimsical lace, Rosa Clará gives a fresh and flirty spin to their 2023 bridal collection.

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Planning a wedding is a culmination of the years one has prepared for their special day. From the table tops and centerpieces to the overall theme that ties the whole wedding together—it’s an event that one can’t simply miss. But one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding is the day a bride finally says yes to the dress. And as Rosa Clará approaches their 11th year in the Philippines, they continue to design the most enchanting wedding dresses that are perfect for fairytale weddings.

Defined by the 25 years of timeless and elegant styles Rosa Clará has, their new 2023 bridal collection is nothing short of fresh and flirty. And with that, we listed down the new trends we saw in their new collection. 

Dressed in lace

Whether it’s from head to toe or a slow gradient, their lace never fails to gracefully fall on their classic silhouettes.

Whimsical tulle

Amidst the clean lines, a touch of tulle brings the ensemble to a world of fairytales and wonder.

Sultry necklines

For those who opt for a daring look for their wedding, the low cut, deep V neckline is the perfect alternative for the classic sweetheart neckline.

Transformative pieces

You won’t have to worry about their second look of the night as their collection includes billowy removable sleeves that are perfect for a quick outfit change.

Rosa Clará stays true to their promise as they continue to provide accessible and quality wedding gowns that will make a bride’s dream come true.

Visit Rosa Clará Manila at the Residences at Greenbelt, Tower  III. For appointments you may call +632 7238-1310 or text +63945 728 2730. Discover more on their Instagram.

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