5 House Styling Tips We Can Learn from Julia Barretto’s Abode

5 House Styling Tips We Can Learn from Julia Barretto’s Abode


These ideas from Julia’s home will surely make the blood, sweat, and tears invested in building your home worthwhile.

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Building a home is one crucial decision that entails careful planning and patient consideration for a lot of things—and we are not just talking about the house itself. Besides the structure, it’s the thought put into curating the space that truly elevates a house to a home.

Whether it’s your own side in a shared area or a whole place to call yours and yours alone, exerting an effort to fix it up will be all worth it in the long run.

Just recently, Julia Barretto gave a glimpse of her house on her recent interview with Karen Davila. Her other vlogs also showcased the overall wabi-sabi philosophy of her residence designed by Nix Alañon of FTA Design.

And although not everyone can afford to beautify our homes with a snap of a finger and a swipe of a credit card, here are some helpful tips from Julia’s home that we can incorporate to our own.

Distribute colors consciously.

Neutral-colored furniture is a safe choice to build the next pieces from; think of it as a canvas that you can layer with and mix it up from time to time. One of the best ways to add more character your otherwise blank canvas is a painting that have pops of color in it.

The Saavedra piece is a good wabi-sabi emblem to tie all the elements of her living room.

Inject a touch of travel.

As Julia and Karen tour the former’s house, the reporter pointed out pieces that stood out in the actress’ house—particularly the vase and small stool in her living room that came from Baguio.

Next time you’re traveling, why not check out some furniture stores? Make your house a big scrapbook of all the wonderful places you’ve been to.

Display good memories.

Want to give your space a homey, cozy feel to it? Why don’t you spread out the keepsakes you’ve collected from the past such as flowers, awards, and pictures all over your house? The dried flowers framed in Julia’s closet tie in well with her wooden doors. Meanwhile, the decor atop Julia’s office shelves complement her whole space. The green helps in giving a fresh, relaxing vibe to that section of her office.

Plan your outdoor space wisely.

Your outdoor space takes as much planning and maintenance as your indoor area does, so make sure that you are curating it based on how you can manage it. If you have a green thumb, then assembling a garden with pots of plants is your thing. But if you would rather have more friends for an intimate weekend wine night, then a patio is a better choice for you. If you’re both, then why not marry a sitting area and a garden altogether?

Organize with intention.

Styling your house also includes how to store things, so make sure that you have quality boxes, shelves, and baskets for your stuff. Weaved baskets are not just for storage, but they’re also a good display item that adds a country feel to your home.

Living in a neat space also gives you clearer headspace, which explains Julia’s peace of mind every time she is tucked away at her home. After all, a beautifully-styled home is all for nothing if it’s unkempt, right?

Watch Julia’s interview with Karen Davila here:

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