5 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas You Can Do at Home With Your Partner

5 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas You Can Do at Home With Your Partner


Want to spend more quality time with your partner? We listed down five Valentine’s Day ideas you can do in the comfort of your home

Are you one of the few that accidentally forgot that it’s Valentine’s Day this week? Or maybe you want to give your date a relaxing touch this time around? Well, you’re in luck because we figured out how you can spend the day with your partner romantically without having to leave your house. 

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Lego date

This might be on the pricey side in our list of dates, but you can’t deny how adorable and therapeutic building Legos can be. You can opt to start this as a hobby by having a theme like Harry Potter or Star Wars, but you can keep it simple by going for the artwork sets they have in ther selection. 

Photo: 3 SECONDS OFFICIAL (via Instagram)

Bouquet arrangement

This particular activity is for the romantic at heart, and they are definitely perfect if you’re planning to post this on your Instagram. Whether you head to Dangwa in the morning to pick out your flowers, but if you want something more convenient, you can also buy a bouquet from Beyond Flowers, and arrange them how you want it at home. 

Go full on romantic by arranging your own bouquet at home

Paint by numbers

Recreate your favorite period film by having this artistic moment at home. Granted, it’s not an original piece but at least you’ve got a little souvenir after the activity. There are plenty of options you can get from where to buy, and you can make it easier for the both of you by buying a set that has bigger spaces compared to the usual Paint by Numbers. 

Photo: JOURNEY OF SOMETHING (via Instagram)

New baking recipe

If you want to busy yourself for Valentine’s Day, baking a new recipe might just do the trick for you. Although, it might get a bit hectic since baking is known for its meticulous preparation and tedious, but it’s all about the cute aesthetic you’ll get when the pastries are done. Think romcom movies for this date idea. 

Photo: MATHILDE RAVN (via Instagram)

Accessory making

We’re taking you back to the early 2000s with this activity because of the retro vibe it gives. Much like the Lego date, this one is also therapeutic with a playful twist because you can opt to design a bracelet or necklace for your significant other. Whether you have colorful beads or letter beads, best believe you’ll have a cute matching accessory with your partner right after your date. 

Photo: SHOP SOLASTA (via Instagram)

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