Unconventional Valentine’s Day Date Ideas to Do With Your Partner

Unconventional Valentine’s Day Date Ideas to Do With Your Partner


Are you tired of just going to dinner for Valentine’s Day? Suprise your date by doing these unconventional activities with your partner

Are you tired of following the mainstream culture of Valentine’s Day? We don’t blame you if you’re thinking of date ideas that don’t fall under common activities, and honestly, it gets tiring to book dinner reservations for the 14th. So if you and your significant other are looking for something different, we listed down some unusual options you can try out for your upcoming date. 

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Yes, it is tiring to go through the trek but imagine the view once you get to the top! This might be ideal for those who are adventurous at heart, but if you’re not, it’s still worth giving it a try to change things up. Think of it as a team building exercise but with your significant other instead. If you want to make the trek worth it, Buruwisan Falls at Mt. Romelo is great option because of the waterfalls at the end.

Photo: BELLA MANZANO (via Instagram)

Rage Room 

What if you and your partner have been under immense stress lately? We present to you the Rage Room and Cafe in Circuit Makati. While it may not be the most romantic option, you can’t deny the thrilling feeling of letting all your inhibitions by smashing things. Besides, we’re pretty sure it’ll get some laughs out of the both of you by the time you’re done. 

Photo: THE RAGE ROOM AND CAFE (via Facebook)


Another recreational activity makes its way on the list, and you’re going to have to travel to Antipolo if you’re going to Gotcha Paintball. You can opt to bring fellow friends who have partners too or you can just have a one-on-one battle with your significant other. Either way, doing this on Valentine’s Day is definitely one for the books. 

Photo: GOTCHA PAINTBALL (via Instagram)

Go Kart

For those who are fans of F1, you can live the thrill of racing by going to a track. An option would be City Kart Racing in Pampanga, while it’s a bit farther than your usual metro activities, they’re worth the drive if you want to give your date an adrenaline boost. And who knows? This might just be a new hobby for the both of you!

Photo: CITY KART RACING PAMPANGA (via Instagram)

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