5 Minimalist Pieces You Need For Your 2022 New Year Wardrobe

5 Minimalist Pieces You Need For Your 2022 New Year Wardrobe


Ring in the new year with a bang by replenishing your wardrobe with staple pieces of 2022. Check it out now.

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Whatever year it may be, you can always bet on a few style staples to always be in fashion. As Yves Saint Laurent once said, “Fashions fade, but style is eternal.” You can definitely experiment and try out new things during the new year, but it’s always important to keep the basics intact, so you would have an easier time styling your everyday outfits.

Let’s say you have a pair of trusty trousers that could do you no wrong. You can pair this timeless piece with a trendy top and shoes. Besides, style is all about knowing how to edit and balance out looks. It’ll save you a lot of stress from looking at old photos and seeing yourself wear once trendy outfits only. So, if you haven’t bought these pieces for your wardrobe yet, then maybe it’s time to add them in for the new year.

1. Oversized Knits
In the UK, they call this a jumper. The knitted sweater has always been in style. COS offers a wonderful array of knits you can add in to your closet. You can elevate the look by buying it in an oversized fit or in two sizes up.

2. Trusty Blazer
One may consider the blazer a trend, but we’d like to think of it as a timeless piece. The only thing that changes when it comes to a blazer is the size. To work around the situation, you can purchase the straight cut medium sized blazers from COS.

3. Comfortable Trousers
Gone are the days when we could binge out in sweatpants at the comfort of our homes. Now, we’re going back to work and seeing our friends again. Find the perfect pair in COS’ selection of trousers that come in the most comfortable oversized pieces.

4. Silk Button Down Shirt
The white button down shirt will forever be a staple, but if you already have that then you can graduate to the silk button down. There’s an allure and sultriness to it. You can grab a chic silk button down from COS that could be easily paired with outfits.

5. Everyday Dress
Looking good while doing errands has never been this easy. All it takes is a no fuss everyday dress and a few accessories to go from just woke up to ready to conquer. Grab the black turtleneck midi dress from COS for the ultimate chic factor.

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