5 Must Have Pieces From The Gucci & Balenciaga Hacker Project

5 Must Have Pieces From The Gucci & Balenciaga Hacker Project


This is not a drill! Gucci and Balenciaga just hacked each other’s brand in this fun new collection. Here’s our top 5 picks.

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Last April, Gucci had their Fall 2021 ready-to-wear fashion show where they debuted the Gucci & Balenciaga, Hacker Project. Social media went ablaze upon seeing the innovative brand collaboration. We use the word collaboration loosely, because both Gucci and Balenciaga call the collection a hacking as opposed to a collaboration. This makes sense, because essentially that’s what both brands did.

If you’ve ever wondered what your favorite luxury brand would do if they were in another label’s shoes, then Gucci and Balenciaga are here to fill in the gaps. Through their hacking, you see beloved brand staples being redone in a totally different way. They experiment with silhouettes, colors, cuts, and of course logos– something that has never been done before. It’s a brilliant way to reinvent fashion in a time when nothing seems to be new anymore.

Now, The Hacker Project by Gucci and Balenciaga is officially available to the public on both their websites and in their stores across the world. If you’re thinking of purchasing a piece from this iconic hacking just in time for Gucci’s centenary year, then here’s our top five picks.

1. The Hacker Project GG Hourglass jacket
Balenciaga Creative Director, Demna Gvasalia’s Hourglass jacket was reinvented with the double-G Gucci symbol all over the suit jacket.

2. The Hacker Project Square Knife pump
The exaggerated pointed pumps of Balenciaga were the It Girl heels of 2017. Now, you can get the iconic square counter with the Gucci and Balenciaga logo on the heel’s body.

3. The Hacker Project Jackie 1961 bag
The bag made popular by Jackie Kennedy in 70s has been reinvented by Gucci and Balenciaga. You can now get the bag with both of the brand’s iconic logos.

4. The Hacker Project Hourglass bag
The classic Balenciaga Hourglass bag was first debuted in their Fall-Winter 2019 collection. In this version, you have the Gucci logo with the Balenciaga emblem on the bag.

5. The Hacker Project Graffiti Duffle bag in Coated Canvas
Is this really not a Gucci bag? Well, if you take away the green, red, and beige colors as well as the logos, then maybe. It does have the Balenciaga emblem on the top of the bag.

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