5 Reasons Why SB19’s FELIP is a Master of Streetwear

5 Reasons Why SB19’s FELIP is a Master of Streetwear


From his edgy all-black ensembles to his love for statement accessories, check out why SB19’s FELIP should be your streetwear inspiration

One of the members of widely acclaimed P-Pop group SB19, FELIP, also known as Ken Suson, has captured our attention with his affinity for street style when it comes to his clothing choices, leaving no room for doubt that he truly commands this particular aesthetic. Read on and check out the reasons why we think he’s the ultimate inspiration for anyone wanting to ace that streetwear look.

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Beyond monochrome

Why SB19's FELIP is a Master of Streetwear
All black, but far from basic

Street style often revolves around the classic black, evident in the SB19 member’s wardrobe. However, what makes him stand out is his ability to take the basics and turn them into something appealing. By expertly layering jackets and hoodies and combining different textures and fabrics, FELIP demonstrates that even in a basic color, he can project an image that is both striking and stylish.

Playing with shapes

SB19's FELIP is a Master of Streetwear
Playing with silhouettes is FELIP’s fearless playground

The P-Pop idol’s style game is all about playing with silhouettes, and he doesn’t hold back. One day, it’s baggy leather pants; the next, it’s daring cuts that catch your eye. Recall the time he embraced the Canadian Tuxedo from H&M x Mugler, showing skin but maintaining that unmistakable streetwear swag.

Draped in detail

Ken Suson's accessories
Completing his look is all about the art of accessorizing for this SB19 member

Setting himself apart, FELIP’s mastery extends beyond clothing; it’s in the details. His flair for accessories is unmatched, featuring statement pieces like Balenciaga’s Spike Sunglasses, the Vetements White Silver Heart Necklace, and an impressive collection of Diesel belts. He understands that adding details isn’t just a choice; it’s a necessity to stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving streetwear landscape.

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Street strides

Ken Suson's impressive shoe rotation
Style takes a bold step forward with FELIP’s impressive shoe collection

No street style fan is complete without a killer footwear arsenal, and the artist’s collection is a testament to that. Our favorites? The Alexander McQueen Punk Leather Boots, the Rhino Derby Shoes and the Prada Monolith Combat Boots. Indeed, the rotation of these power-packed shoes ensures FELIP’s every step is a stride in the direction of sartorial dominance.

Confident whispers

Ken Suson
Even without words, his presence screams style

Of course, we can’t ignore the fact that the idol’s reserved yet fierce personality amplifies his ensembles. Even when words may not be his forte, FELIP’s charm lies in his powerful presence. It goes to show that sometimes, it’s not just about the threads, but also about the attitude we bring to the table.

Photos: FELIP (via Instagram)

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