5 Simple Morning Habits That Promote Your Well-Being

5 Simple Morning Habits That Promote Your Well-Being


Don’t let a long self-care ritual add to your stress. Instead, make these five simple habits a part of your everyday morning routine

Starting your days with self-care is integral to a happy life. This doesn’t necessarily mean doing a 20-step skincare routine or cooking up a meal prep for the whole week ahead. Definitely do that if that works for you, but what we like to emphasize are the simple and sustainable habits you can do every day no matter how late you’re running to work or how busy your schedule is. There always seems to be an endless to-do of things that are supposed to be healthy for you, but in reality, you only need to keep up with a few to have a solid foundation. And let’s be honest—trying to accomplish 15 things before you leave the house just adds to the stress, doesn’t it?

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With all of that in mind, here are the five morning habits that we swear by—on top of basic hygiene practices, of course. These won’t take up too much of your precious time and will require less energy than you’ll gain from doing them. Try them out for a week and you won’t only see a boost in your productivity, but your well-being as well.

Minimize screen time

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We won’t lie—avoiding phone usage is definitely easier said than done, especially when a good chunk of your life depends on your gadgets. What is more doable, however, is minimizing your screen time every morning. This means no idle browsing online or performing work duties before office hours. Let yourself wake up gently without work or school responsibilities hijacking your mornings. Throughout your morning routine, make sure to keep your hands busy with small tasks like making up your bed and watering your plants so you don’t get tempted to check your social media. And when you do the rest of the tasks ahead, keep your mind focused on accomplishing them without getting distracted.


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To make up for the hydration you lost overnight, make sure to drink a full glass of water first thing in the morning. It’ll help wake you up, as well as balance out the caffeine you drink after. And don’t worry—drinking coffee won’t dehydrate you. Drinking caffeinated tea and coffee in moderation actually has health benefits, too, so feel free to keep that up. Just remember to go easy on the creamers and other processed added sugars.

Eat well

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Though breakfast being the most important meal of the day is a common saying, experts online suggest that no one meal is more important than the other. What’s important is that you get enough nutrients day in and day out. However, breakfast does play a part in jumpstarting your day since the food you eat will fuel your body and brain. If you don’t have enough time in the morning to cook, putting together a sandwich or fruity bowl of oatmeal will suffice. Otherwise, we suggest you cook for yourself and perhaps even prepare your lunch for the day. After all, there’s something therapeutic about homemade meals.

Practice mindfulness

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More than just me-time, minutes spent mindfully are proven to help your well-being. If you’re a beginner to journaling, breathing exercises, or meditation, this is where your phone will come in handy since there are plenty of apps that provide science-backed guided sessions. You don’t need to do much—a guided morning meditation, for example, can take just five minutes. There are also guided meditations curated for long commutes, so you don’t have to worry about running late to your destination.

Move your body

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Finally, dedicate some time to movement. It’d be great if you have a home gym or have access to one, but equipment is definitely not a prerequisite to exercise. You can do a quick yoga flow, outdoor walk, or some stretching exercises before your morning shower. Don’t worry about wasting time because 15 minutes or fewer will suffice. And it’s definitely not a waste of time since exercise is proven to improve quality of life as well as boost your happy hormones.

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