5 Style Tips We’re Stealing From Emily In Paris For The New Year

5 Style Tips We’re Stealing From Emily In Paris For The New Year


Emily is back! This time around she has stepped up her fashion game for Season 2 and we can’t help but steal some style tips.

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There’s no denying that Emily in Paris is the ultimate guilty pleasure. The raunchy script and storyline makes it an enjoyable and easy show to watch. And, sometimes you need that, especially during the busy holidays.

That’s why when Emily came back to Paris for Season 2 on Netflix, we were absolutely thrilled to hear it’ll be premiering right before the festivities begin. Now, we can all mindlessly watch American-Marketer, Emily Cooper, navigate her way through Paris and Savoir (the French firm she works in). On top of that, we’ll be able to get some trendy insights from the Emily in Paris costume consultant, Patricia Field. If you don’t know already, Field is the legend who styled The Devil Wear’s Prada and Sex and the City. Yup, that Patricia Field. So, here’s what we’ve picked up from the cast of Emily in Paris’ new wardrobe from Season 2.

1. Don’t be afraid to do patterns on patterns
Until now, some of us are still afraid to pair patterns with patterns. So, here’s a little secret; the daunting task of mixing and matching patterns actually have nothing to do with the print. It’s all about finding the same colors that fit the overall look.

2. Menswear is très chic
If you’re going through a heartbreak like Camille, then do it in style. Pop on a menswear look and pretend you got it from a new lover. Make the look effortless and sexy like a true French woman. To start, you can invest on an oversized blazer. Make sure your first one comes in a neutral color, so you can pair it easily.

3. Accessories show personality
A lot of people made fun of Emily for her ridiculous hats, fingerless gloves, and funny add-ons. Honestly, we think it’s all intentional. Besides, it’s a romantic comedy in the first place. Plus, they do make fun of her dressing throughout the season. The other thing we want to note though is that this doesn’t sway Emily at all. She likes her style and she sticks to it no matter who makes fun of her. Go, Em!

4. Always bet your money on a classic
Sylvie is hands down the style queen of the entire show. When she popped out of the water in a classic black bikini, I instantly bought one for myself. Apart from this, the Savoir head has been spouting classic looks left and right. The secret is a good cut. If you’re gonna go classic, make sure it fits.

5. Bows are a great statement piece
There was one look that really stood out during the season. It was Emily Cooper’s birthday look during the Bon Anniversaire! episode. She wore the Natalie bow dress from Rotate with a green ornate coat during the latter part of the dinner party. What made the look? The bow of course! It’s a great statement piece that doesn’t involve sequins or rhinestones.

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