This Is Why This Emily Should’ve Gone To Paris Instead

This Is Why This Emily Should’ve Gone To Paris Instead


Emily Charlton is no Emily Cooper, but she sure as hell deserves to go to Paris. Let’s take a look back at Emily Blunt’s character in The Devil Wears Prada, and why deserved her own moment in the City of Lights.

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Remember the senior assistant of Miranda Priestly in the eponymous fashion classic, The Devil Wears Prada? The one who was one stomach flu away from her goal weight? Yes, the sarcastic and sassy Emily played by the incandescent Emily Blunt. Well, she deserves to go to Paris. Now, don’t confuse her with the new Emily, who actually goes to Paris. Emily Cooper and Emily Charlton are two opposites on the spectrum on conversation, but we couldn’t help but compare their almost-similar situations. This is why Emily Charlton deserves to go to Paris. Say it with us, #JusticeForEmily

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She probably spoke a little bit of French
Unlike Emily Cooper, Charlton would’ve probably learned French before embarking on a trip there. She’s been going on and on about attending Paris Fashion Week with Miranda for most of the film, so it would be a bit of a shocker if she didn’t know anything about France—let alone, their language.

She worked her ass off to get there
Charlton went on a no-carb diet to achieve her goal weight before attending Paris Fashion Week. I don’t know about you, but we see that as dedication. The girl obviously lives and breathes for dreams, and there’s absolutely no shame in that. Actually, we even like that about her.

She’ll fit right in the French culture
Charlton might be a little rude. Okay, she’s a lot rude, but that doesn’t mean it’s for no good reason. She did warm up to Andy after the girl learned how to spell Gabbana. Plus, her strong-willed personality might even fit in with the French. We bet she could get herself in Sylvie’s good side faster than you purse your lips and shake your head.

She’ll warm up to you if you do your job well
After the horrible car accident, Charlton had to give up her trip to Paris to Andy. Surprisingly, she wasn’t as upset about it as we thought she would be. That’s because The Devil Wears Prada’s version of Emily will stick it out for her workmates. Can we say she could even be your officemate ride-or-die, ala Camille to her friends or Sylvie to her French workmates. Sorry Lily, we can’t say the same about your cheating Emily.

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