5 Ways to Celebrate the Birthday of Anne Curtis

5 Ways to Celebrate the Birthday of Anne Curtis


Her birthday? Yes, it’s Anne’s birthday!

“Birthday mo.” “Birthday ko?” 

If you’ve been an avid fan of It’s Showtime, or have been to TikTok or Twitter recently, then you probably read the dialogue in the voices of Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis. And for those who have yet to keep up with the ViceAnne edits circulating online, this one’s for you. 

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With this funny moment resurfacing all over social media recently, fans of the actress and even viewers of the show now revere the birthday of the actress as a special day that deserves to be celebrated. Well, why not? Anne is indeed one of the most bankable actresses of her generation, extending her influence as an actress, endorser, host, the list could go on, to the next breed of actors and celebrities. As the actress turns another year older soon, here are some ways you can honor her impact on Philippine show business while also making time for yourself and for your loved ones. 

birthday mo trending it's showtime beauty dyosa anne curtis
The actress brings her influence from her generation to the next.

Going for movement

From running marathons to lifting weights, it is no secret that Anne has incorporated moving her body into her lifestyle. Her conscious effort to be holistically healthy even extended to building her own activewear brand. Just like the Buy Bust actress, you can slowly but surely include movement into your schedule. Standing up from your seat from time to time, choosing the stairs over the elevator, or devoting a 10-to-20-minute brisk walking session are a few ways to do it. 

Anne Curtis birthday trending it's showtime workout
The host takes her roles seriously, including her commitment to health.

Walking into the kitchen

In the wedding video of the actress and FEATR founder Erwan Heussaff, a number of guests highlighted the fact that they were a good match. Why? The James Beard awardee likes to get his hands dirty in the kitchen. On the other hand, the Dyosa herself never backs down from trying out dishes. Whether you want to cook or eat in this scenario, you might want to try pancit with lots of cheese, halo-halo with nata de coco, or some of Erwan’s recipes. 

birthday mo trending it's showtime beauty pancit with cheese
Good food brings a different kind of joy to the actress-host.

Picking up a good read

While the 38-year-old celebrity sees to it that she logs in and converses with fans all over social media, she also has her moments of going offline. Ever wonder where she goes? Into the world of the books she reads. The bookworm in her would drop some of her past reads, so you can scroll through her Instagram feed for recommendations. If you want to read about her instead, MEGA has you covered for all things Anne. 

Anne Curtis book trending it's showtime recommendations trending
From time to time, the busy multimedia stars goes offline to open a book.

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Stealing her style

The A in her name stands for adventure, and her thrill for experimentation reflects through her own style. From athleisure fits and casual combos to formal dresses and glamorous numbers, the actress has long established her love for fashion. Last year, she found another way to elevate her love for dressing up with her long overdue attendance at Paris Fashion Week. 

birthday mo trending it's showtime beauty
Anne struts her style at Paris Fashion Week in head-to-toe Louis Vuitton.

Mirroring her beauty

Micro-bangs and blonde tresses? Check. Barely there makeup or a bold and bright eyeliner? Also check. These are only a few beauty looks that the Kapamilya actress has tried all over the years. If you are looking for a sign to switch up your hairstyle or your makeup routine, then her birthday is the chance to go for it.

blonde wig anne curtis
She isn’t called a goddess for nothing, and that means rocking any style.

But more than Anne on the outside, her true beauty lies with the way she uses her platform to raise awareness on a number of issues. From mental health to children’s rights, she knows the impact of speaking up and taking action for the better good. You can also mark her birthday as a chance to pay it forward through donation or using your own platforms to advocate for a cause you believe in.  

Photos: ANNE CURTIS (via Instagram)

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