6 Meat-Free Recipes to Enjoy With Family This Holy Week

6 Meat-Free Recipes to Enjoy With Family This Holy Week


Going meat-free for the Holy Week? These vegan, vegetarian, and pescetarian recipes will help make this week better for you and your family

For meat-loving Catholics, Holy Week this means it’s time to get creative in the kitchen. This is because we can’t eat meat like pork, beef, and chicken, but fish is allowed. If you need help getting meat-free recipe ideas for the week that your family could also enjoy, we’ve rounded up six recipes that are either vegan, vegetarian, or pescatarian, and are even easy to make at home.

Vegan nuggets with gochujang glaze

Expecting to miss chicken nuggets during the Holy Week? This air-fried vegan nuggets recipe by TheFoodieTakesFlight will definitely satisfy your cravings. You’ll need firm tofu, potato, and baking powder for the nuggets, and then butter, garlic, gochujang, tomato ketchup, maple syrup, water, and white vinegar for the sweet and spicy sauce.

Plant-based burgers

Sauce Stache’s upgraded plant-based recipe for burger patties is great-tasting and easy to make. All it takes are some black beans, chickpeas, lentils, portobello mushrooms, beets, oats, tapioca starch, nutritional yeast, marmite, and liquid smoke. These ingredients need to be slowly blended to make the patty, then that blend needs to be mixed with some more lentils to create the needed texture.

Fish and vegetable stew

Erwan Heussaff’s fish and vegetable stew recipe on FEATR is a rendition of the Dingengedeng, which is ​​popular with Ilokanos. This recipe is made entirely with accessible local ingredients such as squash, ampalaya, string beans, tomatoes, okra, and tilapia.

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Sweet leek carbonara

Sweet leek carbonara is Jamie Oliver’s meat-free alternative to the family-favorite Italian dish. This recipe calls for sweet leeks, olive oil, butter, thyme, garlic, pasta, egg, and parmesan. This meal needs to be made quickly, but it’s a simple enough recipe for anyone to follow.

Vegan Beijing beef

Thee Burger Dude on YouTube makes vegan alternatives to iconic fast food meals from franchises like McDonald’s and Taco Bell. In this video, he makes the vegan alternative to Panda Express’ Beijing Beef. For this recipe, you’ll need protein strips like Soy Curls or other frozen plant-based “meat” strips. The work is all in the sauce, which needs ingredients like veggie broth and molasses.

White chocolate and lime mousse

Last but not least is Gordon Ramsay’s white chocolate and lime mousse, which you can enjoy for dessert. His mousse recipe is found in his video dedicated to healthy, family-friendly veggie recipes, so you can make those as well if you’re feeling extra ambitious.

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