7 Curated Thrift Shops You Need to Visit Around the Philippines

7 Curated Thrift Shops You Need to Visit Around the Philippines


When in doubt—thrift! Here are seven curated thrift stores you can visit all over the Philippines

Thrifting is everyone’s favorite way to score amazing deals on clothes, furniture, and other household items while also being environmentally friendly. Not only can it be a fun and exciting way to shop, but it also allows you to express your unique style and creativity. With so many benefits to thrifting, it’s no wonder that more and more people are turning to this sustainable and budget-friendly shopping method.

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We’ve compiled a number of curated thrift stores you can check out around the Philippines. We’ll explore the many reasons why you should start thrifting more and discover the joys of finding hidden gems at second-hand stores. So grab your reusable shopping bag and let’s get started!

Gold Mine

If you’re from the Visayas region, you’d want to check out this vintage thrift store in Bacolod City. They source and house different archival pieces from all over the Philippines. 

It’s Vintage 

Many may know It’s Vintage for their aesthetic store in Makati, but the brand is way more than that. They’ve been supporting many local brands, as well as promoting circular fashion. 

Cubao X

An oldie, but definitely a goldie. Cubao X was once known as a hipster spot in the ‘90s—technically, it still is. Although aside from the Instagrammable shops, they also house a number of curated thrift stores. 

Glorious Diaz 

Can’t get over this store’s punny name? We can’t either. If you’re looking for true blue thrift items curated for the experimental side of you, then check out Glorious Diaz in Poblacion. 

Season Pass

Calling all sneakerheads! Season Pass has the rarest cops and drops of the community, and you can definitely find a thrifted outfit to match your new pair of kicks. 

Fits Ya Good 

This vintage store may not have their own shop, but they do have pop-up bazaars around the metro. If you chance upon a Fits Ya Good pop-up, then you’ll definitely find a number of glamorous Y2K pieces.

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