Five Smart Shopping Tips When Visiting Open Thrift Bazaars

Five Smart Shopping Tips When Visiting Open Thrift Bazaars


Ukay-ukay is in! Here are five smart shopping tips for when you visit your next weekend thrift bazaar. 

No one can deny the power that thrift shopping holds, especially now, because everyone is thrifting. Gone are the days when there was a stigma to secondhand clothing. You can even say thrift shopping is trendy. Scouring through heaps of clothing to find a rare motorcycle jacket with vintage flames stitched onto the leather is a big flex these days, and being original and true to your brand is a much approved move in the Gen Z world we’re living in.

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That’s why if you’re planning to hit up the next thrift bazaar, then you should prepare yourself for battle. Get your change out and haggle your way through your next outfit with these five easy tips.

Break down your big bills into smaller ones

It’s absolutely crucial for you to be liquid in a thrifting bazaar. There will be many merchants who offer different modes of payment, but things for sure—they all accept cold hard cash, so it’s best to have some ready. Breaking your big bills into smaller ones will also help you pay for more items.

Wear comfortable, tight clothing

Comfortable clothing is a must when going thrifting, but wearing something tight is a tip often overlooked. If you wear a pair of leggings and a shirt, then you can easily try clothes on and off without visiting the changing room. You can button up tops and try on jeans with your comfortable yet tight outfit underneath.

Always haggle politely

Haggling is an essential part of the thrifting experience. You have the capability to haggle through anything, but make sure to do it politely. If you force a price, there’s a higher chance of you not getting what you want out of the deal. A better move is to nonchalantly ask for your desired price and seeing whether they’ll take it or not.

Bring extra ecobags

You’ll definitely end up with a ton of clothes on your back, so make sure you can carry all your purchases with the use of extra ecobags. We suggest using the foldable types for you to properly store them in your main bag pre-purchase. You can even bring one big ecobag to tote around instead of several small ones for total convenience.

Come in with an open mind

Anyone who goes thrift shopping looking for a specific item almost always leaves empty-handed. The fun part about thrifting is not knowing what you’ll find in a pile of clothing! You have to keep an open mind on what you might chance upon, and whether or not it’s something you can incorporate in your wardrobe.

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