7 K-Beauty Brands That are Officially Available in Local Beauty Counters

7 K-Beauty Brands That are Officially Available in Local Beauty Counters


ICYMI: These two premium stores hold various K-Beauty brands—here’s a quick guide on the brands and which product you should buy

Sourcing for viral K-Beauty products can be challenging because most of them can be found online. Even after a bunch of research and contemplating, it still feels like a gamble since there’s no chance to try it out in the first place. Although, we won’t have to stress about that any longer because Watsons Philippines is now holding various K-Beauty brands in their premium stores, which are located in PowerPlant Mall and Greenbelt 5. So if you’re thinking of heading there soon, here are some of the brands they have in their stocks and which products are worth trying.

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Round Lab

The natural-ingredient driven brand, Round Lab, has become a cult-favorite among K-Beauty fanatics, and its popularity is well-deserved. You’ve probably stumbled upon some of their products like their Birch Moisturizing Sunscreen or their 1025 Dokdo Toner, which you can apply by slowly patting it on your skin for better absorption. 

Round Lab toner
Photo: ROUND LAB (via Instagram)

Beauty of Joseon

Ever wondered why it’s called Beauty of Joseon in the first place? Well, most of their products are actually made from herbal ingredients that are dated back since the Joseon Dynasty. You’ll spot that in their best-selling sunscreen that has rice extract, and their Ginseng Cleansing Oil—a must for the K-Beauty two-step cleansing routine.  

Beauty of Joseon Ginseng Cleansing Oil
Photo: BEAUTY OF JOSEON (via Instagram)


The play in words in their name is so low-key, but if you’re not aware of it yet, it literally means doctor joins art. Most of their products are made with complexly developed ingredients to give you that high performance skincare in a bottle. A great example of this would be their viral Cicapair™ Tiger Grass Colour Correcting Treatment, which became a hit thanks to its skin color adapting formula that neutralizes red spots. A friendly tip, make sure you apply it moderately so you can layer properly in specific areas on your face. Also, did we mention that you can get ENHYPEN photo cards for every purchase? Oh well, now you know!

Dr. Jart+ Colour Correcting Treatment
Photo: DR. JART+ (via Instagram)

haruharu wonder

Another natural-driven skincare brand got a spot on the shelves, and it’s none other than haruharu wonder. Their products are known for their innovative fermented ingredients that ensure safe and beneficial results for the skin. One of their best selling products is the Black Rice Hyaluronic Toner since it’s light and hydrating for the skin. If you want to embrace the K-Beauty routine, you can apply this by soaking a cotton pad with the toner and placing them on your cheeks for about 5 minutes to give that boost of hydration. 

haruharu wonder toner
Photo: HARUHARU WONDER (via Instagram)


Their minimalist branding isn’t just for the aesthetics, but it also reflects their mission to have the purest cosmetics—hence the bare packaging in their products. They meticulously chose the ingredients like their famous Quick sunstick Protection bar infused with Acacia-peptide and Ceramide—you’ll be protecting your skin from sun damage and repairing your skin barrier at the same time. Plus, you can reapply this during the day, which is a must for tropical-country residents. 

Abib sunstick
Photo: ABIB (via Instagram)


What happens when you combine nature and science for skincare? Take a look at Innisfree because they cracked the code with their powerful formulas that can give you a healthy glow. They are known for their Green Tea line, specifically the Green Tea Hyaluronic Acid Serum since it’s clinically proven to have lasting hydration. From one K-Beauty enthusiast to another, one way to use their serums is to evenly spread it on your skin before patting it, so you won’t miss a single spot on your face. 

Innisfree Mingyu
Photo: INNISFREE (via Instagram)


There is no need for any formal introduction to this brand because they’ve been in the game since the ‘90s. We’re going right at it with one of their sought-after skincare products, the Water Bank Blue Hyaluronic Toner. It’s your essence and toner in one bottle, and it instantly gives your skin moisture which leads to a soft skin finish. The preferred way to use this toner is by swiping your skin with a toner pad, but you can also opt to pat it with your hands. 

Laneige toner
Photo: LANEIGE (via Instagram)

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