8 Flats That Actually Elevate Your Style—Try These On For Size!

8 Flats That Actually Elevate Your Style—Try These On For Size!


We round up 8 flats that’s sure to elevate your sartorial style as Bata Shoes opened their 5th store in Robinsons Magnolia yesterday!
Sure, flat shoes are definitely comfy, but looking for stylish pieces can be a bit difficult. Lucky for us Bata has a fine selection of shoes that combine function and fashion, trendy and timeless—flats included. Be it slip-ons, mules, or slingbacks, we pick our top favorite flats that’s perfect for any outfit of every discerning fashionista.

  1. Channel your inner Wakandan a la Lupita Nyong’o with this slip-on number—the tribal vibe with its pattern and hardware is perfect for adding an easy statement to your outfit.
  2.  These V-cut pointed flats are all the rage—and we’re not seeing it dying out anytime soon! Get in on the trend with a neutral color that will go with any ensemble.
  3. If you’re not feeling the mule version, try a V-cut slingback instead. The deep green shade is subtle yet exquisite and accentuates the shoe’s texture.
  4. Schoolboy shoes toughen up as this piece is all about the hardware. With a high-shine finish and an androgynous feel, this number is sure to give your outfit that much-needed edge.
  5. An unexpected take on boho with its tough choice of hardware, this piece combines a lot of elements and make it wearable by grounding it in a neutral shade.
  6. A marriage of sporty and feminine, this sneaker mule takes comfort to a fashionable level. Plus, those embellishments are channeling some serious Chanel vibes.
  7. When in doubt, go with black—and black (or a slip-on, for that matter) doesn’t have to be boring! Easily wearable, these slip-ons add the right amount of drama with its floral appliqués.
  8. We’re still not over the mules trend—and it seems like everyone isn’t as well—and for good reason! The trendy flats go beyond its hype as it’s at once dressy and easy. Just slip on a pair, and you’re good to go. A solid hardware and a metallic finish? Always a plus!

Bata is available at SM Megamall, SM Makati, and Robinsons Magnolia.
Photos by RJ Roque

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