8 Summer Horror Movies That Will Spark Fear This Season

8 Summer Horror Movies That Will Spark Fear This Season


This could be your most frightening summer yet.

Just because the sun is blazing hot these days doesn’t mean we’re safe from fear and horrors—at least in movies. Recently, horror movies like ‘Us’ and ‘Eerie’ have been gaining positive reviews from their audiences. These movies are proof that just because it’s summer, no ghost or creature can invade our minds at night. Watching these movies only got us wanting more so we picked out 8 movies you can binge watch. These movies will surely put you on the edge even in the heat of the summer sun. Gather round and check out these summer flicks that will spark terror for you this season:

The Healing

In a few weeks, lent will conclude with Holy Week. With our beliefs out on the line, The Healing challenges the way we look at the power of faith healers. Where can your faith take you? In this movie, questions are raised on the practice in an attempt to open our eyes to its limits and consequences.

Jeepers Creepers

Spring in the west means summer for all of us in the tropics. Every 23 years, the Creeper come out to hunt for prey for 23 days. That’s 23 days of summer filled with doubts that a scarecrow will come alive somewhere. There’s one thing we’re quite sure of about this terrifying monster though: it will always come back no matter how hard anyone tries putting them down.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Nothing beats a summer blood bath like in this movie. To anyone who has never seen this movie, welcome your newest nightmare, Leatherface. For those we have already seen it, revisit the film in all its gory—or glory, rather. You might not look farmhouses the same way after watching this film.


Another movie about faith, this film is a strong statement and thought-provoking. The premises of it alone would send shivers down the audience’s spine. Not to mention, a child in a horror movie never really means good night’s sleep.


Set out for a beach trip this summer? This classic will definitely induce some kind of fear for you. Watch at your own risk, this movie still has a grip that will keep you on the lookout. Careful on dipping your foot on the water, you never know what’s down there.

I Know What You Did Last Summer

This classic slasher film tests friendships and the terrifying things a human being could do. You’re really gonna be forced to be nice and drive safely after watching this. Make sure to confess your sins before vacation. You’ll never know if a killer with a hook is out to get you for them.


The Road

Probably one of the most powerful horror movies I have ever seen, this breakthrough local film is one that reveals the root of all evil. Pre-AlDub Alden Richards played a challenging role proving his rep as a versatile actor. What happened on the road and what horrors await anyone who dares travel it?

It Follows

This movie feels a lot like the end of summer. As its high time disappears, the season leaves us with an STD carrying ghost that will make you doubt everyone walking towards you. Stick until the end of the movie then start discussing—this flick will definitely make it to your top 5 favorite summer horror flicks.

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