Ready To Splurge On The 9.9 Sale? We Got You Tips And Tricks To Take Note Of

Ready To Splurge On The 9.9 Sale? We Got You Tips And Tricks To Take Note Of


It soon is time of the month again where every shopaholic can score most items on huge discounts or even free shipping. But before we go on a 9.9 shopping spree, here are the things you need to remember. 

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For every self-confessed shopaholic, it is during this time that we mark our calendars for price markdowns on items that we’ve long been eyeing. Whether it’s something that has been added and languishing in our cart for weeks or months now or an item we recently spotted on a good deal, this is the perfect time to check it out and have it delivered right at your doorstep with pure convenience and utmost safety.

You’ve probably heard of the phrase: “think before your click” a dozen of times. While there’s nothing wrong with getting something for yourself from time to time, this phrase actually conveys its own meaning when it comes to online shopping. Below are the tips and tricks you should consider before going crazy for the much-awaited 9. 9 sale.

Stay up until midnight

As early as now, sellers are displaying the sale price of the item along with the countdown on when it will be sold at that particular margin. Since not all items on sale come with unlimited stocks, you know the drill. We have to stay up until 12 midnight to get first dibs on these items. Adding those to cart before 9.9 can let you easily check it out once it goes on sale.

Check out to secure your item

It’s certainly not enough that the item is placed in your cart to have it secured. The only way to secure the item and call it yours is when you have properly checked it out and choose a payment option. Remember, if you really like that item, go for it. You can think of this as a race. On more diverse online shopping platforms, some items are shipped overseas and most overseas products are coming from China. In these cases, it’s highly suggested to choose Cash On Delivery for your payment option.

Choose the cheapest or fastest courier

When you already have a list of what to get, try to scour through different online shopping apps prior to the 9.9 and initially check which offers the cheaper or faster courier. Whether to shorten the waiting game or save on your budget, choose logistics services that state quicker delivery time or more affordable charge.

Tip the delivery guys

While most of us are already into online shopping as this is the safer option at the moment, these delivery guys are traveling almost or every single day to transport our packages. Meaning, they too are working in the highly essential front line community. As we save on our finds during the 9.9, why not spare a little change to our delivery guys as a tip for their efforts and hard work?

9.9 shopping

Create a new account if necessary

Have you done this pro-move before? I have admittedly done this just to score a complimentary discount. Oftentimes, creating a new account comes with discounts automatically. However, keeping your current account active can still help you score discounts with existing coins and points. If you find it this way to lessen the amount you’re paying, go ahead and sign up to the app like an unfamiliar frequent shopper. Also, this is a one-up on the algorithm and let’s you scour and score more items at a given time.

Re-installing and deleting the app

This huge nationwide sale comes only once a month, but if you see yourself still splurging even after the sale is already over, one self-care tip is deleting the app after you got your orders. Online shopping can really be tempting and addicting. It’s as if we want everything just with a quick scroll through, including the unnecessary. (Do you really that disco ball or roller skates?) To avoid yourself from getting tempted and easily adding the whole lot to cart, check the website version first and search for the products that you really need.

9.9 shopping

Apply more discount vouchers

Don’t stop with free shipping vouchers. I know how securing an item can induce a bit of panic, but most of the time, even if you’re getting something with the price of P199, discount vouchers are being offered and you can combine it with the free shipping. Take note that some apps let you score an instant free shipping voucher once you opt for cashless transactions.

9.9 shopping

Sanitize your products upon arriving

Now, this applies when all items checked out are on its way to you. To practice a safer and more responsible shopping, once your products arrive, make sure to sanitize it well before using. Dispose the plastic and bubble wraps immediately if the item is in good condition and it doesn’t have to be returned.

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