A Guide to Glowing Up Like Bretman Rock

A Guide to Glowing Up Like Bretman Rock


This is everything we know about Bretman Rock’s current fitness and wellness routines

For many people, glowing up is entirely focused on outer appearances. Most glow-up to-do lists talk about makeup and skincare, and indicate results within a week. However, many of us now understand that a true glow-up is about being happy and healthy, and it’s a process that takes years of upkeep.

Based on what we’ve seen of him these past eight years, Bretman Rock is a great example of someone that has glowed up both inside and out. With the release of his autobiography titled You’re That Bitch: & Other Cute Lessons About Being Unapologetically Yourself, we also know that his glow-up isn’t a simple step-by-step process, but rather a continuous journey spanning his whole life.

Likewise, our glow-up stories are ever-evolving and personal to us, but we may need help along the way to point us in the right direction. With that said, we’ve gathered some of Bretman’s practices that we think others can benefit from doing, too. What works for him won’t always work for others, but each routine below has its merits. At the least, developing these habits can help to improve your self-perception and health over time.

1. Exercise


Sometimes you just gotta put on a skirt and lift heavy stuff off the ground

♬ original sound – bretmanrock

Back when Bretman didn’t have a trainer yet in 2018, we saw from his workout videos that he loved using his rowing machine and doing different weight-lifting exercises, banded jump squats, and the like. Now that he has personal trainers at R1pfitness gym, we’ve seen him confidently deadlift 405 pounds when he used to struggle with 100, likely because he’s ramped up his workout routine in the past year. To see more of how Bretman exercises, check out his gym and trainer’s Instagram accounts.

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Exercise is great for many things, such as weight loss, muscle gain, and a lower risk of early death. It’s also a proven fact that working out reduces your stress hormones and stimulates the production of endorphins in your brain. We can’t deny that looking good can also make you feel good. And so, to glow up like Bretman Rock, you need to be disciplined and exercise as consistently as possible.

2. Eating well


I literally bring my lunch to the gym cuz if I don’t eat right after my workout imma forget 🤪

♬ eat your vegetables remix – 12_o’clockSomewhere

From what Bretman’s shown of his meals, we know that he’s a big fan of balanced meals. While he enjoys his snacks, he makes sure to eat enough fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. One thing we noticed is that he eats a lot of broccoli. Broccoli, like most dark green vegetables, is a superfood because it’s rich in fiber, vitamins C and K, iron, antioxidants, and potassium. Aside from being low in calories, broccoli also benefits your overall wellness by promoting heart health, improving blood sugar control, boosting immunity, and reducing inflammation.

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In addition to physical health benefits, vegetables like broccoli are said to improve your mental health by positively impacting your brain chemistry, mood, and energy levels. With these in mind, to glow up like Bretman, you simply need to eat well. However, note that his diet plan specifically supports his workout routine. Talk to your doctor, dietician, or trainer to discuss what dietary modifications you need, if any.

3. Sound healing

A Guide to Glowing Up Like Bretman Rock

Bretman also likes to meditate using his crystal singing bowls. These are bowls that emit sustained vibrations when circled or struck by a mallet. This is a meditative practice invented thousands of years ago that is now recognized as having merit in improving one’s overall wellness. In particular, sound healing proponents say these singing bowls can help reduce feelings of tension, anxiety, and depression.

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While the current body of research on sound healing does not definitively prove that it can improve most people’s wellbeing, we cannot deny that taking the time to meditate can still do wonders for your stress. Leaving the room in your busy day for at least 30 minutes of calm contemplation can help you feel relaxed and more in tune with your spirituality.

4. Ice baths


Day 2 and we’re already doing so much better than yesterday

♬ original sound – bretmanrock

Bretman’s latest short video series Ice Ice Baddie takes you through his process of taking ice baths in the morning. He also does these ice plunges after a workout for muscle recovery and to increase blood flow and mental resilience, according to his trainer. The logic behind using ice baths as a workout recovery method is similar to whole-body cryotherapy, wherein proponents say immediate exposure to cold helps to boost moods, ease aches, and soothe sore muscles.

Similar to sound healing, the scientific evidence behind these claims remains largely inconclusive, but taking ice-cold baths or showers can still work to effectively energize you in the mornings like Bretman. Doing these little routines every morning can thus help to improve your mood and discipline over time.

5. Positive self-affirmations


I am loved because I am love… ❤️ just wanted to share some morning journal entry for the last day of 2022

♬ original sound – bretmanrock

If there’s one word to describe Bretman, it’s “confident.” From his first video down to his latest one, Bretman always radiates confidence. But just like everyone else, Bretman—the same person behind the brand—has his own set of insecurities. However, these insecurities can be minimized with positive self-affirmations, such as “I am loved because I am love,” as Bretman would say to himself.

More than just a pep talk, daily positive affirmations can help to put negative self-talk to rest. Writing these positive affirmations down in a journal or saying them aloud to yourself in the mirror every morning can also help to positively impact your mindset and choices for the day.

Photos from BRETMAN ROCK (via Instagram)

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