See Results Using These 5 Resistance Band Workouts

See Results Using These 5 Resistance Band Workouts


Watch how these different fitness trainers use resistance bands for upper-body, lower-body, and core workouts

Not seeing results from regular workout sessions can feel discouraging, but incorporating resistance bands into your daily routines is one of the best tricks to fast-track your way to visible results. The best thing about resistance bands is that, while it doesn’t look like much, using them correctly could get you the same results as though you’re using heavy gym equipment. That said, watch how these different fitness trainers decide to use resistance bands. Notably, each video below targets different needs, fitness levels, and goals.

Full-body resistance band workout by Juice & Toya

Workout duo Juice and Toya show us how to build strength without putting a lot of impact on our joints by using just a resistance band. The best thing about this video is that we get to see how to modify the workout based on our current fitness level—and we get to work out our whole body in just 20 minutes flat.

Upper-body resistance band workout by MadFit

This beginner-friendly workout video by MadFit focuses on working out your biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, and chest. With just 12 minutes of work, activewear, a training mat, and a resistance band, you can easily squeeze this routine into your daily schedule between work and rest.

Low-impact full-body resistance band strengthening by Joanna Soh

If you’ve got time on your hands, you can also opt for Joanna Soh’s 40-minute routine. Here, she uses a shorter tube-type resistance band, which is adaptable to whatever exercise you use to work on a specific body type. For this workout routine, prepare to exercise your lower body, upper body, and core in 45-second intervals with 15 seconds of rest in between.

Legs workout by Aubrey Miles

Actress and certified trainer Aubrey Miles is known for posting motivational fitness content, as well as her workout routines through Reels on her Instagram. In one such video, she shows us how to strengthen our legs using simple exercises, with one specific move involving resistance bands and backward movements.

Pilates full-body band burnout by Ashley DeLeon

This pilates instructor also knows a thing or two about how to strengthen your body using resistance bands. You can also browse Ashley DeLeon’s Instagram for more workout videos, some involving resistance bands and some that don’t.

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