A Look At The Collective’s Impact On Beauty

A Look At The Collective’s Impact On Beauty


Community, Conversation, And Curation Is At The Heart Of The Collective

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Self-care takes many forms, including our approach to skin care. In fact, it takes a mindful process to personalize a routine and curate products that could cater towards your skin type. It can take time but it shouldn’t be anything stressful. More of it, skin care should be transparent, honest and accessible. And this is precisely what The Collective aims to work on.

Embracing Skin Care As Self Care 

Founders Dominique Cojuangco and Michael Hearn’s shared love for skin care helped build e-commerce self-care shop The Collective to success. “We really wanted to open the door and provide a platform that made it sort of exciting again to find and discover new products, but also a platform that is safe and trustworthy” Michael shares. 

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A Community-First Platform 

Community plays a huge part for The Collective “Since we launched, like I said early, we’re really trying to build a platform not just for the products or brands we’re bringing in but also for our friends and community” Michael mentioned. “It’s a balance between these brands and these products but also the values we uphold” 

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With the aim of creating a space for inclusivity, The Collective made sure that they can also cater to every demographic in the market. That being said, the platform introduced “The Collective Hotline” to create an easier and approachable personal shopping experience.

Photo from The Collective (Instagram)

On Sustainability 

The Collective also takes pride in taking environmental responsibility into account. “We do what we can to play our part” Michael continues “We work alongside brands that are also focused on being more environmentally friendly and sustainable” Both founders also shared how they are also incorporating more sustainable efforts in every aspect of their business. One of it is their big move for packaging “We ourselves only use environmentally friendly and biodegradable packaging as much as we can, especially when delivering our items”

Photo from The Collective (Instagram)

Your Future Is More Than Just Your Daily Routine

With their dedication to finding effective ingredients and thoughtful formulations, the platform was able to grow their product collection. Both founders shared that from what started with 5 brands, the platform now houses to 20 brands from all over the world.

Aside from their impressive line of curated products, community made The Collective a true digital winner. Its approach to building conversations and real connections simply makes it diverse from any online beauty marketplace.

Shop The Collective Here: https://thecollective.ph/

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