A Look Back At Maymay Entrata's Most Stylish Moments

A Look Back At Maymay Entrata's Most Stylish Moments


Since winning Pinoy Big Brother last year, MEGA’s February 2018 cover girl Maymay Entrata has been showing us that she can do more than just be the funny girl. Armed with modelesque features, the 20-year-old can rock a high fashion piece like no other, showing us that her serious side can be as captivating as her quirky self. 

With #MakingMEGA around the corner, we are more than thrilled to see what Maymay will be wearing in Germany. For now, let’s take a look back at all the young star’s high fashion moments below!

Mark Bumgarner 




Lesley Mobo 


Jandra Babiera 


Bang Pineda


Elisa Padilla


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