A New Year Closet Cleanse is What You Need to Revive Your Style

A New Year Closet Cleanse is What You Need to Revive Your Style


Beyond resolutions, your wardrobe needs a fresh start. Revitalize your style for the new year with our guide to wardrobe decluttering and revamping

As the calendar turns to a new year, it’s not just resolutions that need attention—your wardrobe deserves a fresh start, too. You don’t need the sparkling blue resembling the idea of a mermaid nor any of the dozens of the same floral print summer dresses as if you plan to live in the countryside. But maybe keep some soft cashmere for that quiet luxury taste. This detailed guide will take you through the process of decluttering and revamping your closet, ensuring you step into the upcoming months with a fresh taste and organized ensembles.

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Step 1: Assessment and reflection

Consider versatility like structured ensembles that can mix-and-match

Begin the process by assessing your current wardrobe. Reflect on your style evolution, and identify pieces that align with your current fashion sensibilities. Consider factors like fit, versatility, and sentimental value to help determine which items stay and which ones bid farewell. Do you really need that slightly stained shirt from your first date with your three-year-old relationship? Please. 

Step 2: Sorting process

Sort what you don’t need, like cut-out pieces

Categorize your clothing into three groups: those to keep, those to donate, and those to discard. Approach this task with a systematic mindset, ensuring a well-organized and efficient sorting process. Keep the essentials: timeless pieces you can use time and again with any sort of style; donate the trendy: neons, ribbons, cat-eye, and skulls; and discard the broken, because, why else would you even need them? Be truthful with yourself regarding the utility and enjoyment derived from each item.

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Step 3: Goodbye for good

Say goodbye to last year’s trends such as neon

Bid farewell to garments that no longer serve you. Whether they’re outdated, ill-fitting, or just no longer align with your style, letting go is a crucial step in creating a streamlined wardrobe. Consider donating gently used items to give them a new life. And don’t be afraid—letting go is crucial to give way to a brand new you. 

Step 4: Capsule curation

Keep you wardrobe foundation clean and simple for everyday wear

Elevate your wardrobe by creating a capsule collection—a curated selection of versatile pieces. Keep some denim jeans, a comfortable cardigan, a red dress, and a pair of sneakers that don’t overwhelm any style effort. This is what keeps curation effortless. This strategic approach ensures that you have a foundation of key items that complement each other, providing flexibility and efficiency in your daily dressing.

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Keep some trends on hand that doesn’t overwhelm for a lively wardrobe

As you curate your wardrobe, keep an eye on current fashion trends or make your own for a personal aesthetic. Integrate trend-forward pieces that align with your style, ensuring your wardrobe stays contemporary and expressive. However, exercise discernment to avoid overwhelming your closet with transient fads. Balance is key in maintaining a reasonable and stylish collection, one that also fits the timeline of everything else. 

Going on a closet cleanse is a multifaceted experience that extends beyond physical space creation—it’s an introspective exploration of your evolving style. You not only declutter your wardrobe, but also lay the foundation for an intentional personal aesthetic in the months to come, or even follow a certain aesthetic to give new life and fresh fun for yourself. Embrace the process, celebrate your style evolution, and step into the future with a revitalized and curated wardrobe.

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