Build Your Classic Luxury Wardrobe With Small Laude as Inspiration

Build Your Classic Luxury Wardrobe With Small Laude as Inspiration


With Small Laude as inspiration, curate your classic wardrobe with luxury essentials as chic as hers

Simplicity can be a powerful choice. In a world inundated with fashion noise, a curated collection of wardrobe essentials speaks volumes. It’s about embracing the beauty of fewer choices, allowing each piece to shine in its own right. Simplicity is beautiful—look at Small Laude. 

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Black dress

The black dress stands as an enduring symbol of effortless elegance and versatile sophistication. This wardrobe wonder has etched its mark on the style landscape, proving itself as the quintessential canvas for a myriad of fashion tales. Designers continuously reinvent it, incorporating modern elements without compromising its timeless appeal. This adaptability ensures it remains a relevant and stylish choice across different fashion eras.

How To Build Your Classic Luxury Wardrobe Like Small Laude

Laude dances through this body-hugging dress with embellishments that catch and reflect the light. The crystals neither overwhelm nor distract, but rather enhance the overall beauty of the ensemble. They serve as subtle accents, contributing to the allure of the look without overshadowing the inherent grace of the dress itself.

Timeless tops

Crafting a wardrobe that stands the test of time requires a keen eye for essential pieces, and at the heart of a casual ensemble lies the eternal elegance of well-fitted, high-quality tops. They essentially serve as the versatile foundation upon which countless outfits can be built, adapting to diverse occasions. Whether it’s a casual weekend brunch or a quick errand run, these tops effortlessly embody everyday chic. The understated sophistication they bring to even the most casual settings ensures that you can embrace comfort without compromising on style.

How To Build Your Classic Luxury Wardrobe Like Small Laude

The visual content producer is always sunshine yellow, and her in this top is no exception. Its flowy and feminine essence is a reflection of the tender blush that grace her cheeks, capturing the essence of a woman embracing the subtle and profound moments of love in every aspect of her being. In this ensemble, Laude appears as if she’s eternally in love—with life, with herself, with the beauty that surrounds her.


Well-fitted denim is a cornerstone of modern wardrobes, becoming a dynamic and essential element in composing a range of fashionable looks. Comfort is paramount, and well-fitted denim excels in providing a comfortable and reliable option for all-day wear. The beauty of well-fitted denim lies in its seamless transition from day to night. From casual outings during the day to more refined evening affairs, these jeans effortlessly adapt to different settings, saving you the hassle of changing outfits.

How To Build Your Classic Luxury Wardrobe Like Small Laude

Denim comes in different shades, and here, Laude effortlessly demonstrates the art of styling with dark denim jeans with a white feathery jacket with red leather details. This juxtaposition creates a striking ensemble that not only offers a clean look to the eye, but also makes her radiate an aura of confidence. The dark denim serves as a sleek and polished base, allowing the boldness of other colored and textured ensembles to take center stage. 

Light sneakers

White sneakers exude an air of casual coolness. They possess the unique ability to add an element of nonchalant charm to even the most polished ensembles. Regardless of the season, they remain a reliable footwear option. The versatility to dress them up or down, from summer dresses to casual jeans, makes them an invaluable asset in any wardrobe.

How To Build Your Classic Luxury Wardrobe Like Small Laude

Laude’s all-pink ensemble seamlessly integrates with a lighter platform, and in her case, the choice of white sneakers serves as the perfect mark. The playful synergy between the pink outfit and the white sneakers forms a balanced composition, where the vibrant hues of pink complement the clean canvas of the sneakers. The inherent casualness of this combination embraces a laid-back elegance, inviting a sense of ease into Laude’s look.

Bold accessories

Accessories emerge as the exclamation points that punctuate the story of an outfit. They can be powerful statements that elevate a look from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether it’s the bold stroke of a statement necklace, the refinement of a sleek watch, or the dramatic flair of a bold pair of sunglasses, accessories play a crucial role in crafting a distinctive identity.

How To Build Your Classic Luxury Wardrobe Like Small Laude

In this particular instance, Laude amplifies the volume of her style by introducing a piece that demands attention—the stunning necklace. This statement piece possesses an irresistible allure, but much like staring at the sun, there’s a cautionary beauty that suggests too much focus might leave you momentarily blinded.  The necklace, with its intricate design and captivating details, becomes the focal point of Laude’s ensemble. It’s a deliberate choice, strategically placed to elevate the entire look without overshadowing the inherent elegance of simplicity. 

Structured handbags

What’s that on your arm? A structured handbag is a meticulously crafted piece that becomes more than a carrier of belongings. It’s a style companion that elevates any ensemble to a higher echelon of style. Its architectural elegance, with clean lines and defined silhouette that stand as a visual anchor, add a sense of order and purpose to the overall aesthetic.

How To Build Your Classic Luxury Wardrobe Like Small Laude

Laude’s white handbag stands out from the rest of her outfit, in contrast to her baby blue embroidered silk barong top and maxi skirt. She was a modern-day Maria Clara, emphasizing that contemporary and traditional can look so chic in all the right places. 

As you navigate the ever-changing seas of trends, keep in mind that a well-constructed wardrobe doesn’t just simplify your mornings; it becomes a statement of your style ethos. With inspiration from the chic Small Laude, choose simplicity, curate with intent, and let your wardrobe portray the beauty of less being more.

Photos and Featured Image: SMALL LAUDE (via Instagram)

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