Abraham Lawyer Will Soon Be Making His Acting Debut and More

Abraham Lawyer Will Soon Be Making His Acting Debut and More


Carving out his own trail, here’s a peek into why Abraham Lawyer’s journey is stirring up anticipation, making it a path worth keeping an eye on

Ever since he cheered on his sister at Miss Universe 2023, Abraham Lawyer has become the town’s hot topic. Riding the wave of online attention, this guy, much like his beauty queen sister, has become a sensation. While many know him for his dashing appearance, there’s more to Abraham than meets the eye. Read on and dive into the details to find out why this gentleman’s journey is one everyone’s eager to follow.

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Bold bloodlines

Abraham Lawyer and Michelle Dee
Photo: MICHELLE DEE (via Instagram)

Being part of a lineage that includes Filipina beauty queens such as Melanie Marquez and Michelle Dee, it’s no shocker that Abraham’s got the looks. With striking facial features and a towering height of 6’5, his followers are pushing him to embrace the path of his mom and sister in the world of pageantry and show business. Having already dabbled in modeling gigs, it’s safe to bet that, with the current spotlight on him, this man is certainly poised for more exciting opportunities in the future.

Embracing the rush

Abraham Lawyer's hobbies

Similar to most guys out there, Abraham loves diving into thrilling activities that get the blood pumping. Whether it’s saddling up for some horseback riding or hitting the court for a game of tennis, this 20-year-old gentleman finds pure joy in these adrenaline-filled pursuits. Not to mention, he already made a mark in different international tennis tournaments, setting the stage for us to eagerly anticipate his forthcoming triumphs.

Beyond the facade

Michelle Dee's brother

It seems having a sense of purpose runs deep in their veins. In 2021, Abraham posted some pictures of himself getting involved in a cleanup gig along Maui’s shores, saying how he’s always geared up for these ventures. Without a doubt, it’s proof that there’s more to his appeal than just looks.

Dapper in the limelight

Michelle Dee with his brother
Photo: BELO BEAUTY (via Instagram)

Riding on Michelle’s successful acting journey, fans are now urging Abraham to dip his toes into the acting arena. Adding to the excitement, Annette Gozon-Valdes, President of GMA Films and GMA Worldwide, revealed that Abraham is expected to make his acting debut in the upcoming historical drama series Pulang Araw, portraying an American soldier. Even with some mystery about the role’s significance, given his academic pursuits abroad, it marks a promising start that’s got everyone eagerly looking forward to seeing how it plays out.

Photos: ABRAHAM LAWYER (via Instagram)

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