Sam Milby on Playing the “Intense Chef” Role in Replacing Chef Chico

Sam Milby on Playing the “Intense Chef” Role in Replacing Chef Chico


Sam Milby shares with MEGA Man the ins and outs of being Chef Chico, revealing both the smooth and choppy bits of portraying the character

Ever since Replacing Chef Chico hit Netflix, it’s been cooking up a storm worldwide. From climbing the ranks on the platform’s Top 10 to earning applause from critics, this series proves that it is a feast for the eyes. In an exclusive interview with MEGA Man, Sam Milby, one of the show’s leading men, shares what it took to whip up this monumental project, how he seasoned his approach, and the lessons he wants audiences to taste long after the show’s over.

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A behind-the-scenes peek 

Sam Milby on playing Chef Chico

In addition to script work, Sam and his castmates underwent a week-long crash course with chefs to prepare for their roles. Prior to this, the actor humorously confessed to having minimal cooking know-how, proudly declaring, “I make some scrambled eggs and toast.” Despite his limited culinary background, he shared that he found the experience enjoyable, and it evidently contributed to his seamless performance in the series.

Character contradictions

Sam talks about his Replacing Chef Chico experience

The 39-year-old expressed his gratitude to his fiancée, Catriona Gray, acknowledging her for nudging him to tune into Hell’s Kitchen, sparking an idea on how to shape his character. Sam, however, found Chef Chico more intense than Chef Gordon Ramsay. Although his acting seemed effortless, he admitted not fully identifying with his character. “Sa totoong buhay, hindi ako nagmumura,” he shared. Unlike his character’s aggressive and loud demeanor, he remarked, “I’m a very chill person.”

Their shared trait

Piolo Pascual, Alessandra De Rossi, and Piolo Pascual

Despite the contrasts between him and his character, Sam disclosed a commonality with Chef Chico: an unyielding passion. While their modes of expression may diverge, he underscored the shared commitment they both hold for their pursuits.

Serving more than just plots

Lessons from Replacing Chef Chico

To wrap up our conversation, Sam expressed his aspiration for the audience to recognize and appreciate the values and lessons embedded in each episode and guest appearance. While it may seem like a love story at first glance, the actor stressed that the narrative encompasses more than just the central trio. Demonstrating pride in the series, Sam affirmed, “It is a project to be proud of.”

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