We Spotted Adrian Sevilla in Full Drag and Asked About How He Started Adonis Production House

We Spotted Adrian Sevilla in Full Drag and Asked About How He Started Adonis Production House


Adonis Production House is the team behind Baksilog, D’Intervention Viewing Parties, Brigiding’s Cake, and The Ultimate Drag Experience Concert

When the stage is ablaze with lights,and the whole space is enraptured with a mix of screams and delighted eyes from the audience, there’s an apparent energy like a fire that overwhelms all of us. One of the event industry’s primary objectives is to deliver memorable experiences to its target consumers. To Adrian Sevilla, it’s an achievement that’s bigger than himself. The producer of Adonis Production House has spent the last decade of his life surrounded by drag artists, making this job the fulfillment of a dream. 

Adonis Production House

It began as a vision

“It started way back in 2013 when my best friend Brigiding became my housemate. She introduced RuPaul’s Drag Race to me. Then, I met a lot of drag queens who became my close friends: Precious, Viñas, Bernie, and Bench. I started going to O BAR to watch shows, and from there, I fell in love with the art of drag,” Adrian Sevilla recalled. “Before Brigiding came into the competition, we had already planned on starting a production house. Since we all came from a theatre organization [in FEU Theater Guild], sabi namin, we can play with our strengths and start to produce shows once Drag Race Philippines airs. By doing this, we’ll be able to provide a platform for our drag queen friends, including Brigiding.”

Adrian is particularly proud of D’Intervention Viewing Parties, which he co-produced with Hany Capistrano and Abi Macaranas. “It was actually our love for the Divine Divas kaya namin ginawa ito. Then, naging bonus na lang ‘yung love ng mga Divotos sa amin,” he said. “We only had 70 guests nu’ng episode one, hindi pa namin napuno ‘yung venue. Fast forward to Divine Divas Live na napuno namin ‘yung New Frontier Theater! It was so heartwarming to see how drag connects people.”

Baksilog was Brigiding’s idea. She had a light bulb moment when traveling and got a taste of how drag was being done elsewhere. “We’ve created the best drag brunch in the metro,” declared Adrian. “What I love about Baksilog is the energy it exudes. Morning shows are different compared to evening shows dahil makikita mo talaga ‘yung energy ng tao—nakaka-noontime show!”

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Adrian Sevilla aims to produce more drag shows in places where drag lacks visibility. “Gusto namin dalhin ang drag far south and north, like what we did with Drag Del Norte,” he added.

Spotted in full drag

Who did your makeup?

“Kieffy Nicole from the House of Precious Queens (House of Nicole).”

Was it your first time doing drag?

“No, it was actually my third time in drag.”

How did the process of getting in drag feel like?

“It feels liberating! Imagine showing your feminine side to a lot of people, that side of you na you kept hidden for a very long time. Parang may kumalawa sa akin—I felt [a sense of] freedom!”

adrian sevilla and brigiding

What was going through your mind when you first saw yourself in full drag?

Sabi ko sa sarili ko, ‘Grabe, ang ganda ko! Mas maganda pa ‘ko kay Brigiding! Emi!’ Shout out to my best friend, Brigiding, for letting me borrow her Barbie outfit!”

They say getting into drag is empowering. How did this experience resonate with you? Would you do it again?

“It really is! At some point, I felt that I needed to like a queen kasi that’s what drag queens do, right? I felt empowered! Pero, the corset was killing me! Pero, at least, empowered ako! Yes, I’d do it again! I’ll definitely use a different wig because that wig gave me a migraine!”

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