After Midnight At The MEGA Ball: The Glam Rock Afterparty

After Midnight At The MEGA Ball: The Glam Rock Afterparty


Music, performances and a grand old time! Welcome to the MEGA Ball afterparty

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Bejeweled coats, towering boots and glam rock extravagance—the electrifying air and fiery energy at The MEGA Ball never had the chance to plateau or hit rock bottom. When the clock struck midnight, the real party took over.

As guests become immersed in the life inside the MEGA verse, the banquet transformed from an intimate setting to an exhilarating dance floor. The night is all about a symphony of lights and performances, and so the grand ballroom is reverberating with upbeat music that the crowd of A-list celebrities and personalities coursed through.

Warner Music Philippines’ artist Paul Pablo and band Dilaw as well as musician February Bank with DJ Duaneinsane rocked the stage with their live performances. The team of DJ Patty Tiu together with MC Ice, Hannah Ichiko, Mark Thompson and Owen Greyson also brought with them their iconic music, beats and bass drops that catapulted the afterparty to a whole new level of glam rock.

More so, the biggest night in Philippine fashion won’t be complete without the drinks and booze brewed and made locally—a true and inclusive celebration of Filipino talent and creativity. Serving the night’s exceptional beverages are Don Papa Rum, Boozy (Arbor Mist Peach Moscato, Barefoot Merlot, Smirnoff Mule, Tamnavulin Sherry Cask), Dr. Wine, and Barcino.

With guests either reigning the dance floor, flooding the halls or enjoying the glam sets, the MEGA Ball is undisputedly the year’s grandest event to commemorate independence, celebrate culture, and revolutionize fashion. And as the ballroom emptied and the afterparty ended, there is none left but a powerful, resonant sound that declares the start of a new era.

The MEGA Ball 2022 is sponsored by DITO Telecommunity, Jo Malone London, TUMI, Avignon Clinic, Nespresso, Victor Consunji Development Corp., OPPO, Y.O.U Beauty, H&M, Alberto Shoes, BranReluao and Associates, Instituto Español, ASUS, and Don Papa Rum.

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