All the Best Architectural Statement Pieces Bea Alonzo Has Worn

All the Best Architectural Statement Pieces Bea Alonzo Has Worn


With a keen eye for form and function, dare to incorporate diverse shapes and silhouettes into your wardrobe, much like Bea Alonzo

Navigating the intersection of fashion and architecture requires a discerning eye, where the consideration of attire resembling architectural elements is met with a thoughtful pause. Bea Alonzo emerges as a expert when it comes to intelligent style, where her choice of dresses evolves into sculptural statements that merge fabric and form. Each ensemble she selects becomes a testament to the artful fusion of architectural inspiration and wearable design that the actress might as well have a statue erected upon her.

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Precision in noir

Bea Alonzo goes origami-chic with this Ronny Kobo look

Choosing black is like picking the reliable wingman of colors in fashion as it never fails. Alonzo owns a floral Ronny Kobo dress and makes herself look like a chic origami display. No shape evaluations needed here; black does the heavy lifting, providing the illusion of a flawless silhouette. The actress’ makeup game? A touch of pink on the lips, a dash of blush, and eyes so sharp they could cut glass—it’s the kind of precision that makes black the ultimate style co-conspirator.

Waves of light

Alonzo is draped with a pleated, white Toni Maticevski dress

Let there be white: the actress, draped in a Toni Maticevski dress, becomes a beacon of luminosity, embodying a lightbulb with a conscientious aversion to raising the electricity bill. The pleats and folds of the white dress create an illusion of waves of light, an ambiance that not only reflects, but also soothes through an ethereal aura. Approach Alonzo and you’ll sense it—the radiance that transforms into an illuminating presence.

Tied up, flared down

The actress takes on a contemporary take on the denim pants by Rosanna Ocampo

Moving on to something more casual, she is tied up and flared down. A bodysuit with a diagonal tie across her bodice adds a touch of asymmetry, with the upper part nonchalantly opting for a more relaxed vibe, creating an invitingly vulnerable look. Enter the denim pants by Rosanna Ocampo, taking a nostalgic spin with flared bottoms, but here’s the twist—the openings are intentionally left, well, open. It’s not a wardrobe malfunction; it’s a deliberate design choice, hanging by the sides and injecting a contemporary edge into the trendy flare silhouette.

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Sculpted sophistication

Alonzo wears a custom creation by Paris-based designer Norman Rene’ De Vera of AZ Factory

The actress also wore a magnificent custom creation by Paris-based designer Norman Rene’ De Vera through his label AZ Factory. The cream dress, like a petal delicately unattached from its stem, trails behind her, as if perpetually breathing new life from its origin. A bulky hourglass plate hovers over her, catching the play of chandelier lights and spearheading the peekaboo trend, subtly unveiling on her chest. It’s a look that’s simply divine, though far from simple. Yet, Alonzo effortlessly carries it with an innate simplicity that turns the complex into an art form, circling back to the essence of architectural grace.

Bea Alonzo fronts our July 2023 cover in a Puey Quiñones sculptural blazer

For the grand finale, for MEGA’s July 2023 cover, Alonzo wears the sculptural work of YDC (Young Designers Competition) Alum Puey Quiñones, as his artistry lies in deftly manipulating these textiles, crafting shapes that harmonize with the wearer’s form. In the designer’s blazer, the cover star is wrapped as if she’s steel and glass—foundations essential for a building to stand tall. The work neither overshadows her nor wears her; instead, she effortlessly complements and completes it.

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Bea Alonzo carefully looks through architectural statements that never overwhelm her. Her style is the blueprint through the structural integrity of design with the fluidity of fabric. Whether she’s donning the reliable elegance of black or embodying luminosity in white, Alonzo’s choices reflect a keen eye between form and function. Never embodying a statue herself, she nonetheless becomes the inspiration upon which statues are built.

Photos and Featured Image: BEA ALONZO (via Instagram)

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