All The Christmas Food You’re Craving For And Where To Find Them

All The Christmas Food You’re Craving For And Where To Find Them


Eating certain food can elicit feelings of necessary nostalgia. From puto bumbong to castañas, these Christmas delights will surely take you back to your wistful memories of the past.

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The holidays are in full force and you’re probably out and about, trying to look for the perfect Christmas gifts for your friends and family. Don’t you just miss the good ‘ol days? How it used to be easier as a child when all you needed to worry about was not missing a Simbang Gabi and receiving everything on your wish list? Now, oh how the times have changed.

What better way to feel the Christmas spirit than to taste it?  While there’s nothing like homemade delights to satisfy your Christmas cravings, we know that this time of the year can be the most hectic week of all. So we made a list of Christmas foods you can easily find while you’re out shopping.

Puto Bumbong

Photo from Via Mare

Even from a mile away, you would already know that there’s a Puto Bumbong station waiting for you outside the church after attending Simbang Gabi. There’s so much to do now that you’re an adult so there are a lot of things you’ll miss out on. But you don’t have to miss eating this Filipino delicacy. Puto Bumbong is a traditional kakanin cooked in Bamboo. Its rich purple and sticky rice is then slathered with margarine and coconut shreds.

Get this Filipino holiday delicacy in:

  • Manam
  • Via Mare
  • Benny’s (Rustan’s Makati)
  • Ferino’s


Most Filipino homes don’t have this traditional drink for Christmas because it’s more of a Western comfort drink. But if I could describe this, it’s like leche flan in a cup, spiked with a little rum. It has nutmeg, heavy cream, vanilla bean, and egg yolks. It’s best made at home, however, there are close variants that you can find in these places:

  • S&R
  • Marks & Spencer
  • Rustan’s Supermarket

Peppermint Candy Cane

Is it really Christmas without this minty snack? This is a personal favorite of mine and I love having it as a snack or sprinkled in my chocolate drink or cookie. You can buy the candy cane itself at Candy Corner or Rustan’s Supermarket, but if you want to try delicious desserts sprinkled with candy canes, here’s what I would recommend you:

  • Twenty Four Bakeshop’s Chocolate Peppermint Crunch – this cookie is made with dutch cocoa, Belgian dark and white chocolate, and of course, peppermint candy! You can avail of their Christmas boxes on their website or visit their shop at 5th Avenue, Taguig.
  • Starbucks’ Peppermint Mocha – Now this is what you call Christmas in a cup! The mocha with peppermint syrup, sprinkled in peppermint candy bits makes it something worth looking forward to every year.


The Christmas superstar in your Noche Buena feast is, of course, the roasted ham. Our mouth is already watering from the mere idea of a carefully smoked ham and savoring every bite of the tender pork and its saltiness and caramelized glaze. Our top pick for Christmas Ham is The Plaza Premium Baked Ham which you can get in SM Megamall, Rustan’s Makati, and Power Plant Mall.

Queso De Bola

Photo from About Cagaya De Oro

Every Filipino dining table has a Queso De Bola on display every Christmas. Aren’t you just dreading to see what’s in store for your Noche Buena this year? You’ll know it’s good when there’s a red ball of goodness waiting for you to devour it. So are you team Marca Pina or Marca Pato? See for yourself and find them at your local supermarket.

Caviar Pie

Photo from @caviarpiesmanila_ on Instagram

One of the most luxurious delicacies is caviar. Caviar Pie Manila is the go-to place if you’re craving for that burst of flavor from the black pearls of salt-cured fish eggs and the creamy decadence of cream cheese in a pie. There are three layers to this pie, which consists of a generous top layer of good quality fish eggs from Europe, then egg mixture, and lastly, cream cheese!


Is it really a Filipino feast without Lechon? You know it’s going to be a special celebration when there’s roasted pig on the table. If you’re determined to have the tastiest Lechon to complete your grand feast this holiday season, you should try Pepita’s Kitchen Lechon.

Christmas Cake

To top off your meal for Christmas, you know your dessert has to be the best of the best. It’s only fitting to end on a sweet note, so we suggest Naked Patisserie‘s cakes. True to its name, the cake is as naked as can be, and it’ll honestly be hard to take your eyes off it. You can have your cakes custom-made to be as festive as can be. Check their website out here.

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