All The Fashion And Fantasy We’re Expecting At This Year’s Red Charity Gala

All The Fashion And Fantasy We’re Expecting At This Year’s Red Charity Gala


With the Red Charity Gala all set for tomorrow, we delve into how the annual fundraising fete will top a decade of great work.

For ten years, the Red Charity Gala has never failed to constantly raise funds for the Philippine Red Cross and other various charitable organizations. Apart from its charitable core, a big draw of the sophisticated ball is its celebration of notable Filipino design and wearable works of art, where we’ve seen the likes of Cary Santiago, Rajo Laurel, and MEGA Young Designer’s Competition winner Furne One all take the runways to soar heights with their memorable collections.

Kaye Tinga, Rajo Laurel, and Tessa Prieto-Valdes

Being as this may be, it is almost paramount that this grand event requires the organizers to take it to the next level each and every year. With this challenge in mind, the women behind the gala, namely Tessa Prieto-Valdes and Kaye Tinga, chose to do a daunting task: gather all ten world-renowned designers and showcase a breathtaking collection yet again.


Jolt of Creativity

It’s already the 11th run of the philanthropic event featuring designers who are making waves globally, hence, it’s imperative that we expect nothing but the best of the best. Titled as “The First Ten,” each designer will present a capsule collection consisting of eight looks.

Dennis Lustico

Dennis Lustico was the first-ever designer who presented for Red Charity Gala back in ’09. Being notorious for his Neo-romantic style, we want to see how he can make magic happen once more as he interprets the persisting presence of neons.


Cary Santiago

Recently firing up social media because of his stunning Avian-inspired collections as what we’ve seen during the #World-Class Show and TernoCon 2018, we’re looking forward to how Cary Santiago will elevate his famed visceral ensembles whilst incorporating a strong Filipino heritage.

Jojie Lloren

Speaking of cultural heritage, another designer who’s recognized for highlighting Philippine culture and artistry is none other than Jojie Lloren. A designer of elusive nature, we want to witness once more how he’ll be able to re-engineer traditional Filipiniana to becoming contemporary in his sublime signature style.

As for the Dubai-based designers such as Michael Cinco, Furne One, and Ezra Santos, who are all famous for doing heavily embellished gowns—from feathers, beadwork to Swarovski crytals—it’s only expected that they’ll define the true definition of opulent style.

Lesley Mobo

Lesley Mobo has been making rounds in the news after his controversial “missing dress” was finally found. And even if this year’s featured collections are supposed to be new, we still want to witness the exquisite red gown on the runway once more, just like in 2015.

Chito Vijandre

As if orchestrating a world of whimsy during his turn at the gala years back, we definitely want to be thrown into Chito Vijandre’s realm of absolute magic and madness, all splendidly threaded in fashion that is completely striking and a definite story to tell at every turn.

Joey Samson

Of course, a big fashion show wouldn’t be complete without the dashing menswear ensembles. While Joey Samson is famed for creating the most exquisite—or near-perfect—suits, it is truly with great hope to see a menswear collection that’s out of the ordinary.

Following the success of his 25th-anniversary collection highlighting the veracious beauty of the archipelago, we seriously hope that Rajo Laurel will once more showcase a collection incorporating our beautiful local textiles and motifs.

The Red Charity Gala will happen on October 11, at the Shangri-La at The Fort.

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